How to Improve Your Handwriting


Having good handwriting is a very important, yet often overlooked part of being a successful, and well-rounded individual. Having clear and legible handwriting not only helps you communicate easily with others, but it can also help you give off a great first impression. While some people may think that writing is an expired art form, but no matter how much technology that you use on a daily basis, you need to be able to write clearly and legibly. This is why it is so important to have great handwriting. However, many of us are unfortunately, not blessed with naturally perfect handwriting, so we need to put a little effort into improving our penmanship. If you are looking to improve your writing, here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help your words become more clear.

Invest in Pens That Feel Good to You

If you are not able to hold a pen comfortably, then you will not be able to write comfortably. One of the first things you should do when it comes to working on your penmanship is to invest in pens that actually feel good when you hold them. The right pen with the right grip can actually make a lot of difference in how your handwriting looks. Try out a few different styles and types of pens to see what options work best for you. When you find one that you like, make sure to stock your entire desk with them so you always have the right utensil to work with.

Loosen Your Grip on the Writing Utensil

Many people write in a sloppy manner, simply because they aren’t holding their pen properly. If you want to improve the way your writing looks, then try loosening your grip on your writing utensil. It can make a major difference. There are so many people that hold on so tight to their pen when writing, either because it feels comfortable, because they are stressed, or simply because they think that is how they are supposed to hold their pen. Loosen up a bit, let your pen rest gently in your hand and start writing. You will actually have more control than you think and you penmanship will really start to improve.

Slow Down and Take Your Time

If people are constantly equating your penmanship with chicken scratch, then chances are you are simply writing too fast. Take your time and slow down a little. It may seem like you are wasting your time, but slowing down when you write will only really add a few seconds to your day. No matter how good your penmanship is naturally, the faster you write, the sloppier it will be. Take your time and really focus on writing clearly. Eventually you will be able to speed up the process a little more, but if you pay more attention and take a few extra moments when writing, it can really pay off.

Good penmanship may not come naturally to most people, but if you are willing to take the time and put in the effort to making some minor changes, it can all pay off in the end.


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