How a Rebel Became a Multimillionaire

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Admit it – everyone wants to become a millionaire. But few manage to achieve their financial goal realistically. Wesley Virgin is one entrepreneur who bucked the trend and did just that. It’s now his life mission to show others how they can turn themselves into millionaires through direct training and webinars. But his story doesn’t originate from a wealthy background. Wesley endured his fair share of roadblocks before he found out what really made him tick. So how did he come from nowhere to create a $30 million company?

Finding the Right Place in the World

The most prominent problem people have is that they lack a clear path to success. They look at what others have done and try to replicate it, but realize that if it’s not something their passionate about, they’re bound to fail. Wesley had always struggled to find his place in the world.

From a young age, Wesley had a problem fitting into the standard corporate world. He was actually fired from one of his first jobs bagging groceries. Later on, he joined the military, only to be kicked to the curb for refusing to take orders as a grown man. The same story repeated itself again and again in various corporate jobs. It’s easy to see how this can push someone towards continued failure.

Where the Breakthrough Happened

Ask anyone who has ever become successful, and they will look back and tell you that there was one watershed moment where the path to success rolled out itself before them. For Wesley, this happened when he was a personal trainer. His father had bought him his first computer before he was even ten, so he had grown up using computers and learning how to navigate the internet. When Internet marketing started to blow up, it caught his eye, and he wondered how he could leverage that to create a company.

And that’s how he came up with his big idea that turned his life around.

Teaching Others How to be Successful

Realizing the massive opportunity that creating an online business presented, Wesley took his personal training business online. That company would go on to become a $30 million company. He set up his business so that it could essentially run on auto-pilot. It absolutely blew up, and Wesley knew he needed to share his tactics with others.

Through online training and webinars, Wesley teaches entrepreneurs the principles of being successful. He never wanted to provide a roadmap to how you can make a lot of money. Wesley wanted to show people how millionaires tick and how successful people approach life, most importantly, discovering your passion. Many of his students have indeed gone onto becoming millionaires and successful business people.


Be Inspired and Take Action

Today Wesley is an entrepreneur, investor, and an inspiring voice in the world of business. He’s not in the business of telling people what to do. His company is about pointing people in the right direction so they can be inspired and take the action they need to achieve their goals.

Why does Wesley have the qualifications to show people what they need to do? The truth is that Wesley has always been a rebel and he has floated around different industries not quite knowing what he wanted to do or why he was there. But discovering teaching is what allowed him to combine his uncommon path in life with the raw skills needed to inspire others.

Find more information about Wesley at and by following him at @wesleymilliondollarvirgin.


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