This Real Estate Coach Boasts a 47% Success Rate (Where 3-5% Is Normal)


Real estate is one of the most lucrative investments around if you know what you’re doing. It’s also one of the easiest ways to lose money if you’re not careful. Because of this potential for immense wealth the industry is rife with scam artists and con men. This is especially true in the seminar circuit, where so-called “gurus” charge thousands of dollars with a success rate close to zero. Even well-intentioned seminars have a success rate of 3-5% in terms of attendees hitting their goals.

That’s why real estate coach Stefan Aarnio’s success rate of 47% is almost unheard of in the industry. After buying his first property in 2009, he has since cracked the top 1% for real estate net worth. Aarnio accepts only the most driven participants into his seminars, and his company matches that drive to reach unparalleled rates of success.

High Performers Meet High Accountability

Aarnio isn’t shy about his beliefs, and that strength of character is an essential aspect of his meteoric rise. After starting with just $1,200 to invest, Aarnio has grown his portfolio into a multi-million dollar fortune. After continuous requests to share his secrets, Aarnio began to help people invest in real estate, or to become full-time investors and entrepreneurs like himself.

His teachings achieve such great results because he’s an investor first and foremost. A lot of real estate coaches aren’t actually real estate investors themselves. They might have been active 20 years ago, but what sets Aarnio apart is that he’s primarily an investor who also coaches prospective talent. He wants to coach people that don’t have the drive to succeed as he does, which is why he’s so selective about who can attend. Combine this experience with the high caliber of his mentees, and it’s no wonder that 47% of attendees achieve the goals they set for themselves, whether it’s making their first $10K, $500K or $1M deal in real estate.  

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

One of his core beliefs is that discipline is critical for getting ahead and that if you want to succeed you’ll find a way through disciplined and rigorous work. Aarnio will accept nothing less from his seminar attendees, and in return, he promises to be highly accountable to the people he teaches.

Many real estate seminar programs come equipped with one on one calls with a mentor. Many participants never take advantage of this critical source of help, and the mentors often don’t care enough to reach out to participants. Aarnio knows there’s a better way, which is why his mentors actively call their mentees rather than waiting for them to reach out.

This proactive teaching style is one of the many reasons why Aarnio has continued to achieve one of the highest, if not the highest, success rate in the industry. It’s also why Aarnio sets the lofty goal of helping students be able to make their own $1M in real estate within five years. While generating wealth from real estate isn’t for everyone, Aarnio believes he has what it takes to turn anyone with enough drive into a savvy investor capable of making their own fortune.

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