How Golf Improves Productivity & Performance

Golf Productivity

There is a lot more behind the game of golf than what meets the eye. Behind the challenges, the joy, and the frustrations that come with playing golf, there are also some benefits for your health and your business.

Golf is a competitive sport. You are trying to score lower than your opponent and this can have parallels to how you perform at the office and how businesses compete against each other for consumer demand.

Let’s dive into some tips on how playing golf can actually help you perform better at work.

Managing Stress

With the competitive nature of the economy, stress seems to have taken residence in almost every workplace. Stress has always been a hampering force in business performance. Stress destroys your mood, you become argumentative, and you’re not able to concentrate on your work.

Playing a game of golf is a mind jogging activity that takes your mind away from daily stressors. The golf course provides you the opportunity to meet friends and interact with new people which also can lead to new business.

While playing golf, you take your mind of work; hence, you are able to get back your right frame of mind and lower your stress levels. This activity gets you back on track, and you can concentrate better at work afterwards.


The game of golf is a form of exercise which is closely related to general wellbeing and increased business productivity. According to a Harvard Study, the benefits of exercise go beyond what the eye can see. Business people who play golf, record high levels of creativity, learn faster, concentrate better, and have improved memory.

All these are the benefits every organization needs to improve its productivity level. Mixing work with golf is a great way to boost performance. Workers that visit the golf course during their break hours (before and after work) come back to the office more motivated and energized. This can translate into their performance to see a hike in productivity.


Employees that play golf have improved self-confidence because they have gone through the challenges of the game and proven that they can do anything. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to practice golf and perfect your skills (case in point: it’s a delicate art, such as these golf chip tips). When this courage is transferred to the work environment, business people will not be intimidated by any challenges but tackle everything with courage.

Team Building

Golf game provides an opportunity for business people to interact and know one another. When this interaction is also transferred to the employees, they become motivated and willing to make all the difficult business decisions together. Group members have the opportunity to interact during their free time and work on ways of tackling various projects.

Golf fosters good relationships in the workplace. The course is where the managers and the employees can get to know each other without the tension brought about by the office setup. Golf is an excellent opportunity to foster internal relationships, which builds a harmonious working environment.

Reduced Absenteeism

Mixing business with a fun game like golf is a good strategy to reduce employee absenteeism. Golf ensures office workers are physically fit and have a strong immune system. They are, therefore, less likely to get sick; hence, they won’t be absent from work. This is also a way of reducing healthcare expenditure.

Companies save a lot on health packages for their employees because they have a healthier workforce. Office staff spends most of their hours working and saving money. Business people that introduce golf among their staff ensure happiness, good health, and energetic staff, which is vital for increased productivity.

Improved Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of life, and there is a good connection between golf and reduced insomnia. Lack of enough sleep will jeopardize your performance and energy levels. Golf gives you all the health benefits, including reduced stress and improved flow of blood. You need this to sleep better at night. 

If you play golf often, you will have a stable sleep pattern. You will find it easy falling asleep and waking up early. You’ll wake up motivated and ready to handle all the challenges that come with running a business. Golf is a great way to tire your body out in the evenings after a stressful day at the office, so you can awake reenergized.

Mental Benefits

Golf has all the benefits you need for your mental and physical wellbeing. Spending the better part of your day behind the closed doors of your office is not good for your mental health. According to a study, exposure to nature has positive effects on your health and life in general. Just one hour in the golf course is enough to give you the exposure that provides up to seven hours of positive effects.

Another study also found that people who are closer to trees and other green spaces are less likely to be inactive, reliant, or obese. Nature is a natural anti-depressant medication. Just being in the golf course even if you’re not playing is enough to give you the much needed mental benefits.

So, if you’ve been thinking that being in the office takes away time from your work, think of the above benefits. Golf is more beneficial for your business growth and general body wellbeing than you think. Don’t feel guilty about it. Go out there and play.

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