From Accidental Business Coach to Millionaire


Stefan Aarnio never planned to get rich through real estate. Now he can claim a net worth in the top 0.01% of Canada, and he’s only just getting started. Although he would eventually build a real estate empire, Aarnio originally set out to make a career in music. At 22 years old, with an English degree in his pocket, he was earning $10 an hour and knew he had to make a change.

He took $1,200 of his savings and bought his first property in 2009. Just six and a half years later Stefan had become a self-made millionaire by raising capital for real estate. Now he’s a real estate coach with one of the highest success rates in the industry due to his unorthodox teaching methods.

Deals First, Then Coaching

Just like he hadn’t always planned on investing in real estate, becoming a highly sought-after real estate coach wasn’t on the roadmap either. The real estate coaching scene has historically been filled with shady characters, and Stefan simply wanted to make a lot of money on his own. Soon after he started putting together major real estate deals, people started to reach out to him to learn his ways. At first, he didn’t market himself as a coach; the people just came. That’s how you know you’re doing something right!

If anything this drove interest in his teachings even higher. He started taking on coaching projects with his team, with the goal of still primarily being an investor. There are countless examples of real estate “coaches” who never took in more than four or five figures in their investing career. With Aarnio and his steam still very much movers and shakers in the real estate industry, their coaching sessions are far more relevant than their competitors.


Flipping Coaching Upside Down

This has led to a coaching model unlike any other in the industry, where performance and accountability are front and center. Aarnio charges significant money for his time and for good reason. Stefan went from being broke to earning $1,000 an hour, so he needed to make sure those he was bringing on were worth his time. This is why Aarnio works backward of how the industry typically operates. Instead of telling the students to call them once a week, they reach out to the students directly.

Most coaches are only passively engaged with their students once they pay their admission fee, but Aarnio and his team take a different tack. They treat their coaching sessions with the same accountability they give to their real estate dealings. Combine this with the selectiveness of who they take on for these sessions, and it’s no wonder why Aarnio’s success rate is significantly higher than the industry standard.

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