Meet Garrain Jones: Former Music Pro to Iconic Transformation Coach

Garrain JonesGarrain Jones

Garrain Jones thought his future was certain. He had signed with Ludacris’ record label and was writing music for icons like Chris Brown. He was on top of the world, with no signs of slowing down. But this fame was short lived when buckets of debt and bad decisions caused him to live out of his car for nearly two years, not caring whether he lived or died. Today, Garrain Jones speaks to audiences of thousands worldwide on the importance of transformational change and what the power of a mental shift can have on your life. His book “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life” will be released soon and will teach lessons on love, leadership, and the power of transformation. But how did he climb back up from rock bottom?

All That Glitters is Not Gold

Garrain Jones started out in the music industry with zero connections. He began to try to get his name out by messaging producers on MySpace. A chance meeting with Ludacris led him to a recording contract with the rapper’s label, Disturbing the Peace (owned by Universal Music).

Garrain was thrown right into in the excitement and fast-paced atmosphere of the music industry. Known at the time as “Steph Jones,” he began working alongside music’s biggest stars including Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, and Angela Stone. He also wrote music for and was in a romantic relationship with American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. But as he continued to write music, the business deals Garrain was involved in excluded him from the financial rewards of much of his work. This snowballed into the downfall of other areas of his life and before long, he found himself in $200,000 of debt. While on the outside Garrain maintained the facade that he was a massive Hollywood success, he knew deep down he was empty, broke, and had lost nearly all hope.

The Power of a Mental Shift

Burnt out and unfulfilled with the track he was on, Garrain abruptly quit the music industry with nowhere else to turn. Things turned from bad to worse as his debts spiraled out of control, and he found himself living out of his car, couch to couch, and in and out of his storage unit. Garrain struggled and was stuck in a dark place in which he knew no escape. So dark, that he even considered suicide as an option.

Then, one day Garrain broke down in prayer, asking God for the strength to make a change in his life and get on a path to happiness and success. A week later Garrain was at a gas station he frequented and encountered homeless man begging for money. As he walked by, Garrain heard the homeless man utter “change your mindset, change your life.” For Garrain, this came as a sign from God from a week prior, he had prayed to God for the strength to make a change in his life and get on a path to happiness and success.

A Global Transformation Coach

Today, “change your mindset, change your life” is framed in a massive portrait on the wall of Garrain’s Los Angeles home. After committing to changing his poor decision-making and destructive habits, Garrain has since gotten involved in several ventures including real estate investing and several successful businesses over the past 6 years. This has garnered him into the top 1% wealthy in the world. He is also launching the Change Your Mindset Youth Foundation later this year, which will focus on the development and support of youth education and mentorship, a cause near and dear to Garrain’s heart.

Garrain spends his time speaking and writing about how to undergo transformational changes in life when you have seemingly no option left. Garrain speaks worldwide to audiences of thousands, including a 3-Day Transformation Workshop last month in London where a participant claims Garrain’s encounter with her prevented her suicide attempt.

Garrain teaches us the invaluable truth that the power of a mental shift can truly change your life. When you focus on what you want and how you want to feel as opposed to what you don’t want, the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter where you came from, the road ahead is what is going to pave the path to success for those who believe they can do anything.

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