2 Trends All Top Business Leaders Need to Pay Attention to Now


There are two trends which top business leaders must pay close attention to today: 1) We’re 12 years into a massive 40 year shift from a Me-centric culture and heading toward a We-centric culture and if a business leader attempts to hide behind their logo in this new economy, they will get the clocks cleaned by more engaging and better connected competitors.  The new Know-Like-Trust is Connected, Charismatic, and Valuable.  2) The TV Show “Shark Tank” now defined the new American Dream and the vaunted position of the Sharks represents a new position in society for business leaders, who used to be bad guys, but now are Celebrity Entrepreneurs and Prime Time TV Stars.

This position is highlighted by Mark Cuban who famously declared on the show that, “There’s nobody who’s not going to take my call.” What Mark is describing is this new K-L-T in which Competence and Connectedness leads to the Holy Grail of Influence and Access which can allow a business leader to actually achieve the lasting Legacy that you dream about.

Much more to come on this in the future, we’re just setting the stage!

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Shawn Miller
Shawn M. Miller is the CEO of Performance Institute in Holland, Michigan, USA. ‘P.I.’ is a boutique strategic marketing and business advisement firm which holds three brands in addition to private consulting clients; the Celebrity CEO Model of Business Coaching and Celebrity Entrepreneur Magazine and a SaaS software suite of Social Media publishing and management tools called Social Cloud Suite. Shawn is a Social Entrepreneur, triggering multiple businesses, including FLEX Fitness Center, to fund missions and ministries which build families. You can easily find Shawn on most Social Media Channels as “ShawnMMiller” (Klout tracks Shawn among the Top 0.1% Most Influential People on-line in the subjects of Business, Branding, and Entrepreneurship).

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