Entrepreneur Networking Groups in Seattle, WA


Over the past few years, Seattle has become an international hub for entrepreneurial activity and one of the most exciting emerging markets for young business owners. For the many individuals who are living in and trying to open a business in Seattle, there are a number of opportunities that abound for anyone looking to get their start. One of the most beneficial programs offered to entrepreneurs looking to create a strong business, is a networking group. The right networking group can help any business owner find the valuable contacts they need in order to develop the business they have always wanted to have. Entrepreneurs looking to open a business in Seattle will find there are several networking groups throughout the city, specifically aimed to help entrepreneurs get the contacts they are looking for. Here are some of the top groups that meet in this Washington city.

CEOtoCEO – www.ceotoceo.com

The goal of CEO to CEO is to help those in the Seattle area fine new ways to grow their business. This networking group showcases different CEOS, hosts online discussions and has its own CEO to CEO Breakfast series. Here, members can meet up for two hours in the morning over coffee and breakfast to meet with and reach out to new potential contacts in their area. The goal of these breakfast meets is to foster discussions so CEOs in the area can help other CEOs become better leaders and business owners, hoping their efforts will help improve the entire community. This community is open to all different types of entrepreneurs, in all different industries, including startups.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization – www.eonetwork.org/seattle

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a global network with more than 11,000 business owners in its network. The organization has 153 different chapters around the country, including one in Seattle. This organization is designed to help entrepreneurs learn and grow both from each other and from a library of information designed specifically with business owners in mind. The group hosts several events including seminars and panels as well as social meet-up events designed with networking in mind. The group brings in established entrepreneurs, experts, doctors, communication experts, and legal minds to help entrepreneurs get the additional experience they need to thrive.

House of Genius – houseofgenius.org/location/seattle

House of Genius is another national brand with a Seattle base. This organization was founded in 2012 and features monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month. These meetings are in the evening for three hours and include mingling and social hours as well as displays of unusual talent. The House of Genius entrepreneurs group is geared more towards creative minds. Their goal is to entice intelligent, passionate and creative people who tend to think differently than others and who want to meet with other creative minds.

One of the many reasons that Seattle has become such an established name in today’s startup scene is because of the many entrepreneur groups that help foster business owners and help them get the support they need to create thriving companies throughout the Seattle area.

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