How to Identify The Kinds of Clients You Want to Avoid


Having new clients is great, right? Not necessarily. There are always great clients, but there are also clients that you want to avoid as well. Keep an eye out for these types of clients as getting involved with these individuals can end up bringing your business down, and ultimately do more harm than good. No matter what type of business that you are in, it is important that you keep these types of clients in the back of your mind and really assess whether or not it is smart for you to get involved with these individuals in a professional setting.

Clients That Used to Run the Same Type of Business You Run

These are some of the worst clients that you can get yourself involved in. Clients that used to run the same type of business that you did can be very difficult to handle in a professional manner. Sometimes, these clients can be difficult to handle. Others may think that they know more than you do or that they can tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Be very careful about getting into business with these individuals as they can end up trying to run your business for you, instead of allowing you to take charge.

Clients That Nitpick Every Detail of Your Pricing Structure

When you first meet a potential client, chances are they will ask about pricing. This is completely normal. However, when you meet with someone that starts to nitpick every detail of your pricing structure, this is a big red flag. If someone is nitpicking your pricing right off the bat, chances are they will only continue to argue and nitpick during your entire working relationship. These individuals may also cause issues when it comes to agreeing to your terms, paying on time and valuing the work you do and may instead only focus on how much it is costing them. These are not the type of clients that you want to partner with in the long term.

Clients That Constantly Compare You to Competitors That Are Not on Your Level

If you meet with a client and they start to compare you to other competitors, specifically competitors who are not on your level, then this may be a huge warning sign. If you are just getting started and are a two-man company, your potential client shouldn’t be comparing you to a 300 plus person organization. This isn’t fair and it shows that they have unrealistic expectations of what you can do.

If you are constantly being judged and compared to companies way outside your league, then this client will never be satisfied. You can start by explaining the differences to your client and getting them to focus on what you can offer, not on what your competitor can offer. However, ultimately, if they are too focused on the competition, this is not worth your time.

Remember these types of clients as you work to start your own business. They can end up doing far more harm than good and actually make it more difficult, instead of easier, to get your company off the ground.

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