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When it comes to the world of social media, there is no arguing that YouTube has become one of the most successful sites on the web in the past few years. Since it was first launched, no other online platform has managed to take a hold of a corner of the market quite like the video sharing site. Since it was first formed, YouTube has not only grown tremendously in terms of popularity, but in terms of the type of content that appears on the site. Many savvy entrepreneurs have found ways to create a business out of running their own successful YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel for Business: How They Benefit Companies Today

No matter what field they are in, businesses today can take advantage of YouTube to promote themselves. More than 1 billion people visit YouTube each month. Having a strong YouTube presence means tapping into this massive assortment of individuals. With YouTube you can start getting a stronger online presence, have a stronger Google marketing presence and grow your audience.

YouTube is a great way to establish yourself as an expert within your niche, which is one of the cornerstones of any branding effort. You can also use YouTube and a strong YouTube channel to start creating an email list of followers. Many businesses have also found that videos add a more personal touch to their companies. Dentists promoting patient testimonials to real estate agents posting home video tours have all found that incorporating the video element to their company’s branding and marketing efforts can help them reach clients on a new level.

However, it isn’t enough to just have a YouTube channel — your channel needs a strong following in order to truly benefit your business.

How to Become a Popular YouTuber

If you want to become a popular YouTuber, you need to focus on quality content that is entertaining. Even for businesses that also want to create informative videos, the content needs to be entertaining. That is the number one key to being a popular YouTuber. People need to be entertained when they are watching you onscreen, so that they actually watch the whole video and keep coming back to watch more.

The most popular YouTube channels are funny and all about entertainment. You don’t have to make a funny channel in order to be popular, but you need to balance out the informative side of your videos with something entertaining.

If you are creating informative content for a business-centered YouTube channel, then you need to establish yourself as an expert and show people something that they cannot find anywhere else. This is why some of the most popular non-parody YouTube channels are tutorial videos on hair and makeup routines: these YouTubers are providing their audiences with educational information that they cannot get anywhere else (at least not for free).

When it is time to actually create your videos, you need to be willing to put some money into production. The most successful YouTube channels have high quality videos with great production value. This means you may need more than just your phone to create a video. It may be an investment up front, but it is one that will benefit you in the long run.

How to Start a Popular YouTube Channel

One of the first and most effective approaches you can take to creating a popular YouTube channel is to use other social networks to your advantage. If you are just getting started with a new YouTube channel, then chances are you don’t already have a strong following on this network.

Take a look at how your business is performing in other social networks and prioritize based on following. For example, if you have a stronger Twitter following than a Facebook following, start posting your videos mostly on Facebook, then on Twitter and then continue down the line of different social media channels. You need to have a diversified distribution process, but also pay close attention to what channels work best for your followers.

You need to post consistently and start off doing the following: post a video every day, or even two a day. To get a channel off the ground, you need to keep reminding people the channel is there.

Continue with your channel promotion, even if it takes a long time to get noticed. You never know when the right video will go viral which will in turn make the rest of the videos on your channel more popular.

The right YouTube channel can not only help an existing business thrive, but it can also be a moneymaking opportunity in its own right. With some insight into what it takes to develop a successful channel and be a charismatic and popular YouTuber, you can find yourself armed and ready to start your very own online video channel.

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