Is Your Company Making These Social Media Mistakes?


Social media has become a huge part of our world today. Thanks to the boom of sites such a Facebook and Twitter, social media has not only become a big part of many people’s social lives, but for many businesses as well. A strong social media campaign can be a lot of help for any company. It can help you gain and keep followers, it can help your company grow your business and it can help you communicate with those who matter most to your company’s success. There is no denying that having a social media account can be a great addition to your company’s marketing efforts. However, it is important that you are making sure that your company is not making these common social media mistakes.

#Overdoing #The #Hashtags

Hashtags are great. They can help you create campaigns and they can help you get the attention of other account holders or tending topics. However, there is such thing as overdoing hashtags. You should use hashtags, but you shouldn’t overdo it. A few hashtags are appropriate for a post, or status update, but you shouldn’t have more than three or four hashtags. It is confusing, it is unprofessional looking and it seems as though all you are trying to do is to get the attention of other trending topics.

Asking For/Buying Followers

You want to try to get as many followers as you can for your social media sites. However, you want to make sure that these follower are genuinely interested in your company and what you are posting on social media, otherwise there is no point in having them as followers. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is asking for followers or using a service that lets you buy followers. This is a waste of time, effort and money. These are not the type of people that you need following you. If you really want to use your social media account to your advantage and use it to promote your company, than you need to have genuine followers who are excited about and interested in your company and what you have to say.

Using Impersonal Automated “Thank You” Messages

If you are willing to put in the work to developing a strong social media following, then you need to be willing to put the same amount of effort into showing those followers how much you care about them and the fact that they are supporting your business and your social media pages. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is using impersonal or automated “Thank You” message that you post to your followers. Don’t post these messages, they do more harm than good. If you are going to create a social media campaign, the goal of your campaign is to use these sites to reach out and interact with your customers and potential customers in a more personal and intimate way. This means that your message need to be equally personal and you should avoid these automated messages at all costs.

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