VC Sean Brown Wants to Invest $10M in Startups

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Venture capitalist Sean Brown, the founder of GO VC is an investor who also brings to the table vast experience as a serial entrepreneur. It has proven to be a huge asset for the companies he invests in. The Orange County based investor is particularly bullish on SoCal businesses, especially in the technology industry. He’s backing up his bullish sentiment by announcing that he wants to invest up to $10M of his own personal money into SoCal tech startups in 2018.

Sean’s goal is to empower entrepreneurs and startups that hold the greatest potential to disrupt their industries. He sees himself as an advocate for those founders.

His Roots as an Entrepreneur

His time as an entrepreneur provided him a wealth of knowledge, and he has used this experience to spot the companies with potential. That’s why he has established a stellar track record as an investor. Sean has founded multiple successful marketing agencies as well as brick and mortar businesses. This allows him to bring a treasure trove of experience in marketing and logistics to the table in companies he invests in.

A New Kind of VC

Following his entrepreneurial career, Sean decided to start his own venture capital firm. Thus, GO VC was born. However, it was born with a twist. Sean was determined to make a mark on the venture capital world. The company focuses on bringing early startups the benefits of software automation and marketing expertise to launch them into the stratosphere.

His experience as an entrepreneur revealed that one of the reasons why early stage startups fail is because they don’t possess the skills or team needed to move in the right direction. GO VC is not just about providing money to these startups, but providing them the tools they need to succeed.

A New Investment in the Future

Sean is so confident in his system for helping early-stage startups get off the ground in California that he wants to invest up to $10 million of his personal money into startups in 2018 alone.

What makes GO VC Different?

The GO VC system is leading the charge in altering the venture capitalist world. It’s about going beyond just providing capital to promising startups.

There are three areas that Sean is using GO VC to focus on:

Growth Strategy – They teach how to use the capital given to them to ensure early stage growth, and how to sustain that growth long into the future. There is no use in being granted money when there is no direction or guidance as to how to use it to grow your business in the optimal direction.

Hiring Principles – They are making sure that entrepreneurs know how to gather the right team around them. Good hiring principles ensure that entrepreneurs can continue to make the best personnel decisions. Hand picking the right team can truly make or break the future of your company, and it’s essential to take the time needed to hire the right staff that facilitate success.

Proper Management Skills – Many entrepreneurs have great ideas but don’t have a clue on how to manage a business. GO VC offers support on how to handle a business, as well as everything that comes with it. Diverse skill sets are essential for a business owner to adopt in order to see success, such as time management, creative control, and budget-minded.

The overarching theme for Sean and his GO VC firm is to banish the short-termism common in the startup world. He’s enabling startups to think five years ahead instead of five months ahead.

The Changing Winds of the Venture Capitalist World

Ask someone what the most critical consideration in the venture capitalist world is, and they will tell you that it’s all about time. Everything is about the time it takes to become profitable.

Naturally, when they are not in this for the long haul, they live or die based on a few months. And that leads to a lot of failures.

Sean understands that this is the reason why so many venture capitalists pull out of the industry entirely. Too many ventures aren’t profitable, and it makes the entire idea of investing in early-stage startups intimidating.

Sean is seeking to change that by focusing on helping companies reach profitability and have a long term outlook. He believes his investments this year will show that he is putting his money where his mouth is.

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