Side Hustles For Full-Time Employees


Even if you happen to be a full-time employee, for many full-time professionals today, just having one source of income isn’t enough. If you want to build wealth and substantial income, many times you need to also have a side job. These side hustles can actually eventually end up bringing in much more than your full-time gig, if you just know how to work them right and if you give them the time and attention that they deserve. So how exactly do you start a side hustle and how do you make time for it?

It is actually easier than many people assume. Sure, you will have to give up some of your weekend hobbies and you won’t be able to hit up happy hour every day after your 9-5, but if you take the time to really put some quality attention into these side hustles, they may end up surprising you.

Why You NEED to Raise Your Income

Why do you need to raise your income this year? The real question is, why not? Even if you feel pretty comfortable with your income, think of what you can do with some extra money. Think of what you could do if your side hustle took off and you could have more independence and not be chained to your 9-5 job.

There are so many things that you could do if you made more money, but even more importantly, if you made more money, imagine what it would do for your psyche and for your own sense of self-worth. Having a successful side hustle isn’t just about the dollars and cents either. The satisfaction that you can get from starting your own side venture, managing that side venture and turning it into an opportunity to earn money for you and your family is actually priceless.

The great news is, you don’t have to develop a full business plan and go into debt with a business loan in order to launch your side hustle and turn it into a profitable venture. The list of reasons why this type of venture is such a great idea is virtually never-ending. However, if you really want to get started with a side gig, we have some ideas to get you started that may just inspire you to start your own new venture.

Side Hustle #1: Write an E-Book

E-books are such a great way to earn money, because once you write your book, the work is done. From there all you need to do is start selling copies of it to keep earning an income. An e-book should be anywhere between 50-100 pages. You can either write it on your own, or you can hire a ghostwriter or freelance writer to help you put it all together.

The most important thing to remember about writing an e-book is that you need to be able to develop a book that is on a topic that will actually sell and actually get the attention of readers. Think about a niche topic that you are really proficient in. Make sure that the topic of your e-book is answering a question and providing readers with valuable information that they actually want to pay for. For example “A How to Guide on How to Start Your Own Side Business and Actually Make Money.”

Make sure that your e-book is professional sounding, easy to read and broken up into manageable chapters. Once you have made your e-book you can sell it privately, publish it on a publishing platform or even on Kindle or sell it directly through your personal or professional website.

You may want to get a feel for the e-book market first before your price your book. Take a look at other books that are on similar topics within in your industry to determine the right price for your publication so you can actually count on it selling. You also need to be willing to promote your e-book online. This is not like writing a novel and putting it up in your local bookstore hoping casual shoppers will purchase it. From there, all you need to do is sit back, relax and start seeing the money come in from all of your book sales.

Side Hustle #2: Sell Consulting Services

There are many people who have become true experts within a specific field thanks to their full-time job. Perhaps you have been in the marketing business for ten years, chances are you know a thing or two about marketing. If you have a specific skill set such as this, consider selling consulting services.

As a consultant you can come in to a business, or directly to an individual and provide them with expert guidance on a specific topic. Then you can charge them hourly for your services. You may be surprised to find what types of consulting services you can sell. There are companies that will actually pay for help with anything from help with writing and communications to assistance with how to use social media. Plus, as a consultant you can work within your schedule and fit in your “clients” whenever you have the time.

Start by thinking of what you are going to offer and come up with an hourly rate that you feel comfortable with and from there you can start finding clients and charging them for your expertise. Some clients will need just a sit-down tutoring style session while other clients may need you to provide ongoing support for weeks or even months at a time.

Side Hustle #3: Start a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the most popular ways to maintain a side hustle, because it has been proven time and time again that it is a great way to earn money on the side. You can start a blog about virtually anything and as long as you really take the time to promote it, many blogs are able to take off and actually earn money. You can blog about any topic, blog your outfits for the day, blog home decorating tips, parenting tips, cooking tips or anything in between, you just need to be able to add value for your readers and create the type of blog that people will want to come back to.

One of the best ways that you can make sure your blog starts getting traction is to add lots of high-quality pictures to your blog. This allows you to promote your blog and allows other to share insights from your blog on platforms such as, Instagram and Pinterest.

After you have developed a relatively strong following on your blog, then you can start reaching out to advertisers in order to start actually earning some serious money from your project. It can take a little time, but many bloggers today are able to earn a substantial income just from their blogging efforts.

Side Hustle #4: Landscaping (Perfect for those who have a full-time desk job)

If you have a full-time job indoors, at a desk, but wish you could spend more time outdoors, then landscaping is a great side hustle to consider. You don’t have to be the most talented landscape artist in the world either in order to start earning money from this type of side job. You can simply be willing to do yard work, garden or mow grass on the side for some extra income.

If you have your own equipment, you would be surprised to find just how many people are willing to pay someone else to do their yardwork. If you really want to start getting business from this type of service, make a few flyers or business cards and start handing them out in your neighborhood, then start posting ads on local sites such as Craigslist to start to get more attention. You may be surprised to find just how quickly others will start reaching out to you for landscaping help. You can do all of the work on your own, or if your venture starts to really get big, you can actually hire students or other individuals to work under you, quickly growing your own side business in the process. Plus, this is an easy type of business to run during nights and weekends.

There are so many ways that you can start and maintain a side hustle. All you need to do is to find a side job that actually appeals to you and one that you feel as though you would enjoy doing whenever you aren’t working at your 9-5 job. Keep these side hustle opportunities in mind and don’t be afraid to take the plunge and give them a try. In no time, you may find yourself earning far more than you ever thought possible with your own side gig.

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