The Kinds of Lists Entrepreneurs Have


If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s demanding market, then one of the best things that you can do is to look to other successful business owners as a guide for how to navigate the waters of today’s competitive marketplace. When it comes to looking at some of the many things that successful entrepreneurs have, one of the best ways you can gain insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur is to look at the types of lists that entrepreneurs tend to have. Here are three of the main “lists” that any successful business owner will keep. Looking at these lists may just provide you with the inspiration you need to start making some lists of your own.

Long Term/Short Term Goals

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur then you need to make goals for yourself. Goals can be mental and you can keep them in the back of your mind as you are working but if you really want your goals to come to fruition then you need to write them out so you can actually see them in person and start working towards accomplishing them.

The thing to remember about goals is that they need to be specific, tangible and measurable. Make a list of all of the goals you have. Write them down and be specific. It is important to make a list both of the long-term goals you have set out for yourself for the future and the short-term goals that are on your list right now. Having both lists in front of you will help keep you on track for the things that you want to accomplish now and the things that you are looking to make possible in the future.

Potential Partners

You can’t run a business 100% on your own. If you really want a company to be successful then you need to keep a few potential partners in mind. The right partners can help take your business far. Partners are important, whether you are ready to use them now or you may want to partner up with someone in the future. With this in mind, every successful entrepreneur needs to make a list of individuals they know and those they meet that could be potential partners. This list should always be growing and entrepreneurs should always be adding new potential partners to the list as they continue to meet new people. You never know when this list of partners may come in handy in the future.

Important CEO Friends

One of the first things that any entrepreneur should focus on when it comes to building their business, is networking. You have likely heard this ideal over and over again as networking is one of the most valuable ways to gain allies in your efforts to build a strong business. If you look at any successful entrepreneur today, chances are you will see that they have a long list of important CEO friends that are in their network. Knowing powerful people is really important in today’s competitive market. If you want to know who you can eventually rely on in your network when you need a little help and a little support, then you need to make a list of important CEO friends. This is another list that you constantly need to be adding to and growing. When you connect with new CEOs, you need to add them to your list and make sure that your list continues to grow. Stay in touch with the CEOs that you make friends with and those that stay on your list, you never know who you may need to rely on in the future.

Lists are a really powerful and often underutilized tools, not only for entrepreneurs but for many of today’s working professionals. If you are an entrepreneur looking to really make it in today’s market, yet you haven’t become a “list maker” then now is the time to start. These lists can help you get organized, stay on task and stay focus as you start to grow your business and find the success that you have always been looking for.

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