Why a Lot of Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs


In today’s market, it has become easier than ever for any individual with the right dream and the right work ethic to become an entrepreneur. However, many experts have found that veterans actually make some of the best entrepreneurs, no matter what type of business they are looking to start. With this in mind, if you are an entrepreneur, or know someone who is, you may be interested to find out some of the top reasons that veterans often make great entrepreneurs.

They Know How to Work in a Team

There are so many people who say that they want to start their own business because they “like to work alone” or “want to be their own boss.” While you do get more control as an entrepreneur, you still need to be ready and able to work in a team. In fact, teamwork is one of the most important components of being a great entrepreneur. Real teamwork is something that most veterans learn during their time in service. Veterans learn what it takes to be a good teammate, what it really means to trust others and how to work together when the stakes are high. This mentality is very important for individuals who also want to start their own business.

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They Know How to Plan Goals and Achieve Them

As anyone who has ever met a veteran before likely knows, these individuals are some of the hardest working people in our country. They know how to plan goals and achieve those goals. This is exactly what it takes to start a business. The process of establishing your own business requires a great deal of goal setting and planning, this is why the dreaded “business plan” is often so large. Being able to create a goal for yourself and a plan to reach that goal is extremely important when it comes to starting a business.

There are many people who overlook the importance of planning when it comes to starting a business. However, goal setting and planning are some of the most important parts of taking an idea and turning it into an actual company.

They Have a “Never Give Up” Attitude

In order to make it in the army or the navy in the United States you need to have that fighting spirit and that never give up attitude. This is something that veterans often have naturally and something that they work on during their time in service. This is the same attitude that entrepreneurs need to succeed. Starting and running your own business is difficult. Running a business often comes with a number of challenges and a number of set backs and in order to make it through, particularly in the first few years, you need to have that diligent, never give up attitude that so many veterans possess.

Veterans are very special individuals and are people who have dedicated their lives to helping serve this country. As entrepreneurs and small business owners they are also often able to translate that type of dedication into opening and running a successful business.

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