Why Starting a Business in Your 20’s is a Great Idea


There is no denying that starting a business can be a big undertaking, no matter what age you may be. However, more and more people are beginning to start their own businesses while still in their twenties. While it may seem young, your twenties are a great time to start a new business for a few different reasons. Keep these ideas in mind as you start to ponder new ideas for your upcoming business venture.

You Probably Have Learned How to Live Minimally

One of the biggest challenges that comes with life in your twenties (particularly your early twenties) is learning how to manage money and live within your means. Getting started financially and professionally is difficult for any individual. However, this is a skill that you also need to have when starting a new business. Managing your overhead and living minimally is an important component to getting any business off the ground, which is why twenty-somethings are often so well-equipped to handle the financial restraints that often come with starting a business.

No matter what your personal expenses are, chances are you are not spending as much as the average entrepreneur, and don’t have kids college tuitions, retirement savings or mortgages to worry about.

You Were Born in the Digital Era

Starting a business today is all about harnessing the power of technology and using it to your advantage. Technology can make a major difference in the way that people today run their businesses. Furthermore, more and more companies are going digital and running online-only stores and companies. The great thing about being in your twenties and trying to start a business is that you were born in the digital era, so many of the complexities of technology that are confusing to older generations can easily come as second nature.

You’ve Got All the Time in the World

In your twenties, you are not as jaded by past experiences, you have fewer personal and family commitments, and most importantly you have all the time in the world. Starting a business while you’re young gives you even more time to grow and work on your business management skills or to decide to start all over from the beginning and launch a new venture. Beginning young has its perks, and in your twenties you have unique opportunities that older entrepreneurs don’t, simply because of your age. The old adage says that it takes 10 years to become an ‘overnight success.’ No matter how long it really takes, there is no denying that the journey to the top is not a fast one and it is one that does not come with any shortcuts. As a young person, you have time on your side when it comes to working towards you own path to success.

If you are in your twenties and have been thinking of starting your own business, there is no reason to hold back now. This time in your life is actually a great time to start developing and growing your own brand. You just need to be able to take the risk and dive in head first; you may be surprised to find how rewarding starting a company at a young age can be.

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