Scientific Reasons to Sleep on Your Left Side


When it comes to getting a good night sleep, most people are just happy to be able to get how ever many hours that they can. However, what many people do not realize is that the quality of sleep you get at night is just as important as the quantity. There has been a great deal of scientific research done on sleeping and on how to get the best night of sleep possible. Ultimately, most scientists agree that the best way to sleep is on your left side. There are a few different reasons that professionals think you should be sleeping on your left side. Understanding these reasons may just help you better understand how to get a quality nights sleep. Here are some of the top scientific reasons to start sleeping on your left side.

It Contributes To a Healthy Heart

There have been a number of different studies on sleeping patterns and how they relate to people’s overall heart health. Many studies have found that those who sleep on their left side typically have better overall heart health. Other studies have found that individuals who tend to experience chronic heart failure often prefer sleeping on their right side, instead of their left. Other studies have found that sleeping on your left side can help relieve symptoms of heartburn. When laying on your left side, the heart is pumping the largest amount of blood downward, meaning it doesn’t have to work as hard during this crucial time when you are supposed to be resting.

It Can Reduce Back Pain

Back pain can be a major deterrent to any person’s ability to get a good night of sleep. If you want to prevent back pain from waking you up in the middle of the night, then consider sleeping on your left side. When you sleep on this side of your body, your back is able to rest comfortably in its naturally aligned position, relieving a great deal of discomfort that people tend to experience while sleeping.

It May Improve Digestion

If you have ever had issues with digestion, chances are you have heard the tip to lay on your left side. There is some truth to this. Laying on your left side can help improve your overall digestive system. If you want to become more regular and have less issues with gas and digestion, then this may be the key, especially if you are looking to improve issues with gastroesophageal reflux issues.

While it can be hard to switch sleeping positions, particularly if you are used to sleeping one way, you can try to change the way you sleep. Many experts find that by simply putting yourself in the position you want to be in, before you fall asleep you can train yourself to sleep a certain way. If you want to take advantage of some of these health benefits, then consider putting yourself on your left side every evening before you go to bed, you may just start getting better sleep every evening.

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