Essential Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs


As most busy entrepreneurs know, staying organized and productive can be a huge undertaking, especially with all of the demands that come with running your own business. The good news is that there are tools that can help any entrepreneur stay as focused, organized and productive as possible during the workday. This means that even when you are being pulled in a million directions, you can still stay focused at the task at hand. Thanks to a few innovative apps, it is easier than ever for entrepreneurs to stay productive during the day. Each one of these apps are also available on mobile devices as well, so the productivity doesn’t stop just because you’re away from your computer. If you are a busy entrepreneur who needs their phone to be a source of organization instead of a constant distraction, consider these productivity apps — they may just change your ability to stay centered, focused and productive during your demanding workdays.


The WorkFlow App is designed to help any busy individual create a visually appealing automated workflow scheme. The entire app works in a drag-and-drop method. This app is essential for busy entrepreneurs who feel like they have a million different responsibilities to take care of every day. You can even access this app from other apps on your device, allowing for easy integration with all of your productivity tools, pictures and calendars.

WorkFlow lets you cross post, share your availability with other people, air drop in a screenshot, organize images or even make GIFs. You can sync your contacts, use GoogleMaps to find nearby businesses and even access your music app all with the press of a button. In short, everything you would need to access on your device is presented in a more interactive manner, designed with multi-tasking in mind. This app takes the tasks you need to perform on your smart phone and makes them even simpler.


The Evernote app makes it simple to take and manage notes and get more work done during the day. This app, which is available in both a free version and a Premium version (for $45 a year), allows you to do everything from marking up PDFs to recording meetings. The program has a web app that you can connect to your smartphone app.

Designed with flexibility in mind, this app makes it simple to take and file all of your notes and scheduling memos. With this program you can do everything from storing recipes to engaging in a work chat while sharing memos and PDFs with your entire team. Gone are the days of piles of scratch papers and notes and Post-Its. This program is available for computers, smartphones and tablets with versions for iOS, Windows, Macs and Windows Phones. There is even a web app that you can log in from.


The goal of the Instapaper app is simple: it allows you to read more. As most entrepreneurs know, being able to read as much as possible and to stay up to day on the latest happenings within their industry is a must. However, most entrepreneurs simply do not have the time in their day to take on this type of extra reading load. The app allows you to preview today’s latest headlines, focus on industry-specific content and even save and share articles that you read. You can browse and archive pieces, save liked articles and share content with friends and colleagues. When articles appear in your feed they feature a short intro to the first paragraph of the content, so you can skim and choose to read more as needed. Features like this have greatly simplified the reading process and made this app a must-have tool for busy professionals who need to read more content in less time.

Sometimes, something as simple as the right smartphone app can make all of the difference in the world in your ability to be more productive at work. If you are an entrepreneur looking to be even more productive during your day, consider these essential apps; they may be just the boost you need to transform your productivity level for the better.

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