Lighten Up! Funny Quotes About Success


If you want to find success in your personal or professional ventures, then one of the best things you can do is to turn to inspirational quotes as a little extra motivator. So many people today rely on motivational quotes from their favorite entrepreneurs, athletes and role models and these quotes can really go a long way in helping any individual feel more inspired and more confident. However, sometimes it can be difficult to stack yourself up against your role model all of the time when it comes to reading inspirational quotes. Sure, Michael Jordan can inspire you, but trying to be just like him can sometimes make you feel down on yourself.

This happens because so many people take inspirational quotes so seriously. This may only be causing you more stress. Instead of falling victim to these super serious quotes all of the time, consider lightening up a little bit and switching up your inspirational quote routine. Here are some seriously funny quotes about success that will still motivate you, but can cause you to laugh as well. Sometimes a good laugh and a little lighthearted humor is all you need to inspire yourself and to feel good while you do it. Here are some of our favorite funny quotes about success.


 How Having a Sense of Humor Can You Lead You to Succeed

Finding true and measurable success in today’s day and age is a very difficult undertaking. It requires a lot of hard work, a lot of setbacks and an unwavering commitment to reaching your dreams. If it sounds like a lot of hard work and a lot of overwhelming work, well it is. This is why having a sense of humor can be so important when it comes to making it through your own journey towards success.

If you are willing to relax, laugh a little and not take your journey so seriously, you may be surprised to find just how much it can pay off in the end. The quotes below all take a humorous approach to success and they all come from individuals who truly know what they are talking about when it comes to being successful. Humor is one of the best tools for success because it reminds you that reaching your goals may be important but it isn’t necessarily life or death.

If you can take a humorous approach to thinking about success you will naturally relax, learn to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes and understand that even when things seem horrible, sometimes you just have to laugh it off and move forward. If you are trying to reach a level of success for yourself and have absolutely no interest in bringing humor into the fold, you are putting yourself at risk to seriously stress yourself out.

So instead of letting the stresses of finding success get the best of you, encourage yourself to laugh a little. Adopt a sense of humor and understand that sometimes when things don’t work out the way you want them to, it is OK to laugh it off. In order to help get you started, here are some great quotes about success that take a little more humorous approach to motivating you to succeed.


“Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.” – Earl Wilson

Sometimes it can be really frustrating to work hard every single day and not find success, while you see others who seemingly don’t put in any effort, find all of the success in the world. While there is nothing you can do about others just happening to stumble upon success with the right amount of luck, this quote is a great way to keep things light and remember that sometimes perceived success really does come down to luck.


“A window of opportunity for me usually involves a rock.” – Jay London

This is a great quote from Jay London about pushing yourself to take chances in order to find success. The window of opportunity may not magically open for everyone, you may need to force you way in and make your own opportunities.


“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Sam Levenson

This quote from Sam Levenson may cause you to laugh upon first reading it, but if you take a closer look at the message, it is an important one to remember. If you want to avoid making mistakes, take a moment to look at the mistakes that others have made so you can avoid going down the wrong path. Sometimes the setbacks of others provide some of the best lessons for ourselves.


“The biggest sin is sitting on your ass.” – Florynce Kennedy

This is a fairly self-explanatory quote and one that is worth repeating for those who need a little extra motivation to start getting up and ‘doing’ more.


“Behind every successful man stands an amazed woman.” – Anonymous

Another self-explanatory quote that can give anyone a good laugh while being a fun play on the old standard quote that behind every successful man lies a strong woman.


“If at first you don’t succeed, find out if the loser gets anything.” – William Lyon Phelps

Sometimes it is OK to fail and this is just what William Lyon Phelps is trying to convey in his funny and a little off-key quote about success. Sometimes you will fail and there won’t be anything in it for you, but that is alright, you never know you may get something out of being deemed the loser.

“The worst part of success is trying to find someone to be happy for you.” – Bette Middler

Iconic performer Bette Middler has been making people laugh for decades, and she continues her humor streak with this funny, but true quote on success. Don’t worry about finding someone that is happy for you when you do achieve success, chances are most people won’t genuinely feel that way. Focus on yourself and why you worked towards this goal in the first place. You should focus on being happy for you not on what other people feel about your accomplishments.


“If people aren’t looking at you funny, then you’re not pushing the envelope.” – Jay Z

Rapper Jay Z knows a few things about success, as one of the highest paid rappers in the business today. His quote on pushing the envelope is one that more and more people need to consider and think about when they enter on their own path and journey towards success. You can’t expect to find true success by just doing what everyone else is doing. You need to be willing to try something different and to push the envelope a little if you really want to be successful.


“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard

This is the perfect quote to sum up any journey towards success. Yes, you need to take it seriously and you need to be able to work hard to reach your dreams, but if you cross that line and take it too seriously, what is the point? You will never get to live and enjoy what life has to offer. Success may be a journey, but you need to make sure that you take it all in, have a little fun and enjoy the ride. It’s not just about the destination.


These are all great quotes to remember next time you need a little boost, or a little laugh. When you can laugh about success and take a humorous approach to it like these individuals can, you can often go a long way in reaching your goals for the future. These may not be the standard inspirational quotes but they can really go a long way in giving you that extra push you need to be more successful.

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