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When you hear the name Lil Wayne, chances are you don’t automatically think of someone who could double as an inspirational speaker. However, the truth of the matter is that this seasoned rapper actually has a bevy of inspirational quotes that can not only motivate those trying to make it in the music business, but those trying to find success at virtually any type of business.

The rapper, born Dwayne Carter Junior, quickly rose to the top of the entertainment world with his clever and over-the-top lyrics. However, the performer also quickly proved he was no one-hit wonder. Wayne established himself as one of the most successful and multi-faceted rappers in the industry, and according to all that know him, also one of the hardest working. Wayne has not only proven that sometimes the most inspirational words come from the most unlikely sources, but he also shows all of his fans and followers first hand just what can come from a little hard work and fierce determination.

Take a look at some of these Lil Wayne quotes — you may be surprised to find how much they can inspire you.

How Much is Lil Wayne Worth?

While some reports do vary, it is estimate that Lil Wayne is worth more than $150 million, making him one of the most profitable rappers in the career today. The Grammy award winning artist has proven that he can not only dominate the rap game but the rock industry as well.

In 2005, Wayne proved that he is more than just a performer, but a true business mogul as well. This is when he became the president of Cash Money Records and opened his own label; Young Money Records. Wayne was meticulous in picking the artists for his label, choosing big names such as Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga. Through his label, Wayne not only continued to build his own career, but went on to help many of the stars on his label become huge international successes as well. It was this move and creating this established label that ultimately went on to help Wayne become the successful multi-millionaire that he is today.

Where is Lil Wayne From?

Lil Wayne is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. Wayne actually grew up in the very rough area of the city known as 17 ward. Today, he resides in Miami, Florida. while many didn’t know the rapper until a few years ago, his career actually started at a very young age back in his home town. By the age of 8, he had already written his first song. By the age of 9, he was signed to Cash Money Records. It is here that he found success with the Hot Boyz Group.

Wayne would go on to release his first solo album straight off of working with the Hot Boyz, this album “The Block is Hot” went double platinum and solidified Wayne as a star not only in his hometown but across the globe. However, right after the release, Lil Wayne ran into some trouble with the law, and ended up serving eight months behind bars. After being freed, he released “Lollipop” the song that is often said to have launched his foray into popular music and make him the superstar that he is today.

“The More Time you spend contemplating what you should have done… you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do.”

This is a quote that any entrepreneur can really hold on to and one that applies to any professional looking to make a big move in their career. The message is simple: stop thinking about the past and start planning for the future. The hardest part of making any bold decision is often making that first step. If you are willing to make the effort and keep moving forward, big things can happen. Nothing will get accomplished by looking behind you.

“I’ve been criticized for the things I chose and the things I’ve chosen to do.”

Ever since Lil Wayne first emerged on the music scene, the rapper has been no stranger to controversy. He has received flak for controversial lyrics, made headlines and had rampant rumors spread about his alleged drug use and other illegal activities. Despite all of this he stays focused, never responds poorly to criticism and keeps on working towards his goals. This quote is one that can be applied to any person or company that has come under heat during a controversy or bout of bad publicity.

“I’m an addict, I’m addicted to success. Thankfully, there’s no rehab for success.”

Say what you want about the rapper, but there is no denying that this award-winning performer has found a great deal of success both with his individual albums and collaborations. With an American Music Award, 10 BET Awards, four Grammy Awards and one MOBO Award to his name along with record-setting album sales and tour ticket sales, there is no denying that this is one man who knows what he is talking about when it comes to success.

“I don’t need it to be easy. I just want it to be worth it.”

No matter what the field, any successful professional will tell you that the road to their dreams was never easy. This quote reminds us that we don’t need life to be easy and it doesn’t matter if challenges come in front of us, it is just about making certain those obstacles and challenges will be worth the effort. Never backing down from a challenges and working towards these types of motivating dreams is one of the best ways to put yourself on the road to success.

Lil Wayne’s Other Business Ventures

While a great deal of Lil Wayne’s financial success comes from his work in the entertainment industry, he has also earned a great deal of money and notoriety through his multiple endorsement deals. Perhaps his most profitable venture is Wayne’s endorsement deal with Pepsi. The multi-million dollar deal has put the rapper in the face of millions of fans from all over the country, mostly thanks to his Mountain Dew advertisements. Wayne also interestingly enough has an endorsement deal with CoverGirl.

One of the rapper’s latest and most noticeable endorsement deals came when he partnered with Samsung for the launch of the Galaxy S7 Edge. The company has not only delivered a string of wildly successful TV commercials that made headlines during the SuperBowl, but they also have their own YouTube channel that features countless videos of Lil Wayne demonstrating the waterproof features of the phone, by pouring champagne all over them.

In addition to earning from endorsement deals, Lil Wayne has also invested in several ventures that have ultimately only added to his net worth. Wayne owns a chain of restaurants including Fat Lil Wayne Burger. He also has his own clothing line, known as Truckfit as well as a line called Lil Wayne Seduction. Wayne even has is own line of headphones from the wildly popular Beats By Dre Pro Headphone line. These headphones are called the Tunechi Beats, and are some of the brand’s best sellers.

Other ventures include his own flavored cigarillo ventures known as Bogey Cigars. The company, formerly known as Bogey Blunts, partnered with Wayne in 2008. Wayne has also teamed up with the shoe line SUPRA for an exclusive Lil Wayne shoe line. The line is called SPECTRE and the entertainer is very closely involved not only with the design but the manufacturing of the line. Finally, there is Wayne’s watch line. The entertainer partnered up with watch line Wize and Ope in 2013 to launch their own line of watches. The venture not only helped bring Wayne’s name to customers outside of the United States, but the rapper also hopes that the partnership will help bring the popular line back to the United States.

Always one to continue to find new ways to entertain, Lil Wayne is an author. He has a deal to publish a book called “Gone Till November” a memoir about his time locked up behind bars in 2010.

Whether you are reading his magazine interviews, one of his books or listening to his song lyrics, if you pay close attention to the messages that Lil Wayne is portraying, it is clear that this rapper is filled with inspirational words that can motivate us all, no matter what our journey to success may be.

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