Motivational Rap Songs to Listen To


There is nothing like a good motivational song to get you energized and refocused. Whether you are working through a deadline, getting amped up for an event, or working out and trying to keep the pace up, there are so many great ways that motivational music can keep you on the edge. If you are a fan of rap music, you will find that there are many motivational rap songs that not only have a strong beat to get you going, but also lyrics that can help you push through any situation. Update your playlist with these motivational songs to keep you going no matter what challenges you face.

“Started from the Bottom” — Drake

Canadian rapper Drake is known for creating some of the most popular songs in modern music today. His hit single “Started from the Bottom” is no exception to that standard. With the phrase “started from the bottom now we’re here,” repeated throughout the hit, it is easy to get motivated about working hard and reaching your goals whenever you listen to this song. More importantly, it has a catchy hook that are you are sure to be singing along to. This song has been hailed by publications and critics alike as one of the most inspirational songs from recent years, and with a title like that alone, it should come as no surprise that the hit is so popular. This isn’t the only Drake song on the list either, the Canadian rapper is known for his upbeat and inspirational songs and has other singles on our list.

“Work Hard, Play Hard” — Wiz Khalifa

The title of this song truly does say it all. The motto of this monster hit from Wiz Khalifa is simple; work hard at whatever you do, and play and enjoy yourself with just as much passion. This song may have a bit of a party theme underlying it, but the message to approach everything you do with the same passion and vigor is what really stands out. The song features popular lyrics such as “The bigger the bill, the harder you ball” and “The quicker you here, the faster you go.” Pair this message with a strong beat that is sure to power you through any workout or get you motivated, and you will find yourself playing this song time and time again.

“Go Get It” – TI

The rapper TI is known for delivering inspirational songs based on his life and on his struggles to make it to the top of the entertainment business. The famous rapper has served time in jail and made a comeback to be stronger than ever. His inspirational words were even once famously used in Atlanta to talk a troubled man from jumping off of the top of a downtown building. With his song “Go Get It,” TI released a hit that was filled with inspirational quotes about working hard and reaching your dreams. After all, the song starts with “I got a grind, won’t stop, hustle won’t quit.” With opening lyrics like this, there is no denying that this song is one of the rapper’s most motivational ever.

“Till I Collapse” – Eminem

The hit song “Till I Collapse,” has a military theme to it and a beat that is sure to get any person up and ready to power through their day, or through their workout. Beginning with a left-right-left march anthem and filled with inspirational quotes about working hard until you literally collapse, this is one of Eminem’s most popular singles. The song not only became a favorite among critics, but among the rapper’s fans as well as millions from all over the country resonate with Eminem for his work ethic and his inspirational story about coming from nothing to be one of the most successful recording artists of all time.

“Lose Yourself” – Eminem

To this day, this Eminem song is one of the rapper’s most popular singles. The song first debuted when Eminem made his acting debut in the film 8 Mile, a movie based on his life growing up in a rough neighborhood in Detroit. The movie received rave reviews and featured Eminem along an all-star lineup of Brittney Murphy, Kim Bissinger and Makiah Pfiffer. The song is all about working hard to reach your dreams and taking advantage of the opportunities that life gives you. The song was one of Eminem’s biggest singles ever and the chart-topping hit is still one of his most successful songs to-date. Just listen to this monster hit a few times and chances are you will feel motivated, inspired and ready to take on the world. If you really want to be motivated, check out the rapper’s full movie, it is an inspirational story that covers his life and his rise to the top.

“The Motto” – Drake ft. Lil Wayne

Drake and Lil Wayne collaborated on the song “The Motto” to create one of the most inspirational tracks in recent years. This 2011 hit, came from Drake’s second studio album called Take Care. Since debuting, it has sold more than 2 million copies in the US and even received a 2013 Grammy Award nomination. This song was where the now very popular phrase “YOLO” came from, which is why it is a must-feature song for our list of most inspirational singles. The term “YOLO” means “You Only Live Once,” and after it became popular with “The Motto” it quickly went on to be a cultural phenomenon. The phrase also went on to be featured in several more of Drake’s and Lil Wayne’s songs.

“I Get Money” — 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent is known for his popular singles, but when it comes to his most motivational song there are none that can compare to “I Get Money.” In addition to being an upbeat song that most people simply can’t not sing along to, this hit also has a great message. If you really sit down and listen to the lyrics you will find that this song is one that can keep anyone focused and motivated to find their own success. While 50 Cent has gone through his own struggles in the past and current legal troubles now, his motivating song is one that is sure to get anyone up and ready to take on the day.

“Empire State of Mind” — Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys

This song about Jay Z’s love of New York City was one of the biggest singles in the past ten years, but it is also one of the most uplifting and motivational songs of the past decade as well. With its undeniably catchy beat and motivational messages such as “there’s nothing we can’t do” as it talks about all the possibilities that await those visiting the Big Apple, we dare you to listen to this song and not come away with some extra pep in your step. In fact, many publications have ranked this hit not only as one of the best New York City anthems, but as one of the best workout tracks in recent years due to its motivational upbeat sound.

Keep these songs in mind whenever you are updating your music list. If you are a rap fan these are some of the best songs out there to give you a boost through your day. If you really want an extra boost for your motivation, take the time to look up some of the stories behind today’s top rappers, you may be surprised to find that some of their tales of overcoming obstacles and finding success in today’s cut-throat market are just as inspirational as some of the lyrics to their hit songs.


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