Salary Negotiating Tips for Job Seekers


The job search process can be a challenging and trying time for any individual, no matter what field they are looking to go into. In addition to all of the stressors that come with finding a job and nailing the interview, there is also the added pressures that come with the salary negotiation process. While you typically won’t be able to come into an employment meeting and simply name your own salary, typically you do have some say in what the final numbers end up being. Here are some useful tips to remember when it comes to discussing the topic of salary with a new job. Keep these tips in mind when securing your next job, as they can help you get as much money as you deserve with your new job opportunity.

Don’t Ask About the Salary Before the Employer

When looking for a job, chances are one of the biggest topics on your mind will be how much you can make in your new position. However, no matter how tempting it is to bring up this subject, it is important that you don’t ask about the salary before the employer mentions it. If you do, it can seem like all you care about is money, instead of the opportunity to work for this company. Wait until the interviewer starts talking about salary, and they will, and this is the time to air any concerns or begin talking about the topic.

Do Adequate Research to Back Up Your Desired Salary

You may have a certain number in mind when it comes to your salary, but that number may not be realistic. Before you go into a job interview expecting a certain amount of money, you need to make sure that you do your research. Take a look at what other people in your field are making, and make sure that they have similar experience that you do. It is also important to keep in mind that location can impact salary as well. If you are living in a place with a low cost of living, you may not be able to expect as high of a salary as someone in New York. You need to be realistic about your salary expectations, otherwise it can seem like an insult to the company you are interviewing with.

Don’t Forget About Non-Cash Benefits

As a potential new employee, it is easy to only look at the dollars and cents of a salary offer, but you need to be ready and willing to look at the non-cash benefits as well. Many times, these non-cash benefits can add up to a lot and are just as helpful as a few extra hundred or thousand dollars on your salary. Things like 401K or health insurance benefits may not seem as fun as extra money, but when you think about it, these are things that you would be paying out of pocket for anyways. Now you don’t have to worry about paying them and still get a generous salary behind it. You need to make sure that you are valuing everything that comes with your salary package to really get a big picture of what you are being offered.

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