Signs of a Shady Employer


Whether you are just starting your first job, have just taken a new position or are looking for new employment opportunities, when you are planning on starting to work with a new organization, you need to be on the lookout for different things to make sure that this new job will be a good fit for you. One of the biggest things you should be looking out for is a sign that you are dealing with a shady employer. The wrong, “shady” employer can make your personal and professional life a living hell and it can prevent you from having the success that you want to have. Here are some of the biggest signs that you may be dealing with a shady employer.

The Office is Not Well Maintained

If the office that you are visiting is dirty, broken down, not well-cared for or covered in clutter, this is not a good sign. If an employer is not willing to maintain or care for his office, why should you expect him to care for his employees? Plus, this automatically gives off a sign of unprofessionalism not only to you but to any potential partners or clients that may visit this office. Being disorganized is one thing, but a run-down, dirty office is something entirely different.

The People Who Interview You Use Unprofessional Language

Pay close attention to the individuals who are interviewing you. What type of language do they use? If they are swearing, use a lot of slang, are talking bad about the company, your boss or other employers or if they are generally discussing inappropriate topics, then this is a very bad sign. All interviewers, no matter what their position in the company is and no matter what type of company you are interviewing for, need to be professional at all times during the interview process.

The Company’s Reviews Are Scary

Before you seriously consider working for a new company, make sure that you check out their reviews on This site is filled with reviews from real people who have worked or interviewed at a company. These individuals will be able to tell you what it is like behind the scenes working for this company. This is a really valuable resource if you want to know what you are getting into. While there may be some exaggerated reviews, if the reviews are scary, then you may want to walk away now.

Keep a lookout for these signs to make sure that you aren’t dealing with a shady employer. If you think that this may be the type of position you have gotten yourself in, it is almost always best to start looking for other opportunities.

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