What to Do When You’re Burned Out


Each and every day there are many people who find themselves trapped with feelings of being overwhelmed and utterly burned out. This is a completely normal feeling and something that impacts millions of people each and every day. Whether you have been working too much, working too hard, or focusing too much time on one single task or goal, everyone has a point they reach where they just cant handle anymore without a break. We all burnout eventually, so what do you do? Give up? No. There are things that you can do in order to overcome these feelings of being burned out and to get yourself re-focused and ready to move forward. It may seem impossible to take on this type of feat and to overcome these feelings of being burned out, but the good news is, there are three easy things that you can try in order to reignite the fire you have inside of you, overcome the feelings of being burned out and refocusing your sites on the future.

Cut Out Social Media For a Day

Social media is a great tool for many people to use in order to stay in touch with their friends and to grow their brand or business. However, social media can be really overwhelming. It can take up a lot of your time and it can really cloud your mind. You may not realize just how much time it is taking. If you want to clear your mind and you want to gain a clear mindset for the future, one of the best things that you can do is to cut out social media for the day. Just remove yourself from social media entirely. Don’t get on Facebook, don’t Tweet and don’t check your Instagram. Taking a whole day where you have removed yourself from social media can really go a long way in clearing your mind and helping you overcome these feelings of being burned out.

Take a Weekend Trip

Sometimes you just need to physically get away in order to clear your mind and get yourself refocused. If you feel as though you are burning out, don’t give up. Instead, push yourself to get away from it all. Sometimes a weekend trip away can go a really long way in changing your perspective and helping you get over these feelings of being burned out. You don’t have to go far away and you don’t have to take an elaborate vacation. Just take a weekend trip away. Go somewhere where you aren’t around your normal home or normal routine. Don’t bring your work with you, don’t try to do work while you are there, just take the time to get away and to clear your head. You may be surprised to find just how refreshed or refocused you can be after taking just a weekend trip away from it all. This is one of the best quick-fixes for anyone who feels overwhelmed and burned out from their day-to-day responsibilities, whether you feel burnt out from your personal or professional responsibilities.

Figure Out Who’s Responsible: You or an Outside Factor

One of the best ways you can overcome a problem that you have with being overwhelmed is to figure out the source of your issues. You need to figure out what or what is responsible for your feelings of being overwhelmed. Is it you? Or is it an outside factor? You don’t need to try to place blame on someone or place blame on yourself, but instead you need to really figure out what is going on. Be honest with yourself. Once you get to the heart of the issue you can fix what is causing you to feel burned out. Getting to the core problem will help you overcome the issue for good and it can help prevent you from feeling burned out again in the future.

If you do these three things and work on clearing your mind and your thoughts and figure out the source of the problem then you will find you can overcome this phase and refocus your attention on what is important so you can gain your motivation back and start looking towards the future.

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