What to Do When You’re Completely Lost in Life


It is a very common, yet very serious problem that so many people today tend to have. Everything may be going great in their lives until one day they wake up and realize they have this feeling of being completely lost in life and feel as though they have no where to turn and no idea where to go next. This feeling can be linked to issues with depression, or it can be a completely unprovoked feeling that seems to come out of nowhere. No matter what the reason is, it is important to remember that while feeling lost can be overwhelming and seemingly life-changing, it doesn’t mean you need to feel this way forever.

If you have found yourself waking up day after day feeling unmotivated, uninspired and as though you have nowhere to go and nothing to work towards. Yes, this can be a difficult feeling, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent one. Don’t fret over feeling lost in life, there are so many people who have been there in the past and so many people who have managed to get over these feelings as well.

There are some people who experience a tragedy or a major setback and find that this pushes them to feel completely lost in life. There are others who may have concerns about their relationship or who just feel as though they have made it so far in life and don’t have much of a purpose behind what they have done or what they are doing moving forward. No matter what the reason, it is important that you know how to pull yourself out of these feelings and how to overcome feelings of being lost so that you can get back on track and continue to move forward in your life.

The first thing to remember is that you shouldn’t get down on yourself, it can be hard, but do your best to stay positive and then look forward with these steps in mind. If you do these things and do your best to focus on moving forward to a more positive place in life, then you can eventually find yourself back to the positive and optimistic life you once had.

Get out and do SOMETHING.

When you find yourself faced with these feelings and find that you feel as though you are completely lost in life, one of the worst things you can do is sit around and do nothing. This may be what you feel like doing, but it shouldn’t be what you actually choose to do. This will only make your feelings worse and it will only give you more time to sit and dwell on those feelings. If you want to know the first step in overcoming this lost feeling, it is to get up, get moving and start doing something.

It doesn’t really matter what that something is, it can be anything. It can be going to meet out with friends, applying for a new job or just making your way to the grocery store. It just needs to be something that is different than sitting alone at home and feeling lost and sorry for yourself. You may not want to do it at first and it may be difficult in the beginning, but if you are willing to actually get up and move and do something, you are taking a great positive first step.

From there, keep repeating this action. Keep forcing yourself to get out and do something. Every time you do it, it will become a little easier and a little less challenging. Soon, you will find yourself out in the world and out enjoying life a little more. Is it going to magically give you purpose? Not necessarily, but it may help you find a renewed passion or vigor or it may even help you find a new meaning that you want to pursue. The only place you won’t find this passion and meaning is sitting alone at your house on the sofa. You need to be willing to go out into the world if you want to find your place in the world.

Stop retweeting depressing/negative stuff.

There are so many people who feel lost in life and then feel surprised when they go weeks, months or even years without being able to pull themselves out of this feeling of depression. For some reason so many people who are stuck in this feeling in life have developed a tendency to start reading, tweeting and retweeting anything that they see that mimics their feelings of depression.

While misery may love company, the more you surround yourself with these negative thoughts and the more you keep reading and posting negative and depressing messages, the more negative you will feel. Don’t forget, out of sight, out of mind. Stop posting negative messages. It will prevent you from reading too many negative posts and it will prevent others from thinking you are feeling depressed and viewing you in a certain light.

The more you can remove depressing quotes or memes from your life and from your social media accounts, the better off you will be. Instead of tweeting, retweeting and reading negative things, start focusing on the positive. Send positive tweets, repost positive memes and cover your workspace with as many inspirational and powerful quotes as you can. It may sound simple, or even a bit corny to some, but doing these little things can actually go a long way in reshaping the way that you feel and it can start bringing good, positive energy to your life.

Reconsider the opportunities you have been given but have overlooked.

If you are feeling lost then before you can look to the future, you may want to take some time to look back on the past first. Take a look back on the opportunities that you have been given. If you really look at them and think about them, you may be surprised to find there were moments in your life that you could have taken advantage of, but that you probably overlooked. While it may be too late to follow up on some of these opportunities, you may be able to pursue others if you are just willing to put in the time and effort. There could still be great opportunities out there for you and ones that deserve a second look. You may have already found the inspiration or the purpose that you have been searching for, you just may have already let it pass you by.

Make a plan for the future.

Once you have started to work on eliminating these feelings of depression and low self-worth from your life, you can start looking forward. If you no longer want to feel lost, then you need to make a plan for how you can find purpose in your life. This doesn’t mean figuring out in one day what you are going to do with the rest of your life, but what you are going to do next in order to find some purpose.

Make a plan. Make sure it is detailed. Write it out somewhere where you can see it and where you can look at it every day. Create action steps for yourself for how you are going to reach this goal and start working towards it. Having a real plan that actually inspires you, motivating you towards your future is one of the best things you can do to encourage yourself to move on from your current state and to start doing things that will help you feel more optimistic and eventually help you find your purpose. You don’t have to execute the entire plan in a day, or even any time soon for that matter. It can take a while. However, the sooner you can start on your journey towards reaching that goal, the quicker you will find yourself moving on from this difficult phase in your life.

Just because you are faced with a challenging time and a time where you have struggled to find meaning and purpose in your life, it doesn’t mean that this is the end of the world for you. You can recover from this feeling. It is an unfortunately very common state that many people find themselves in, and the good news is that it is normal and only natural. Instead of dwelling on these feelings and feeling sorry for yourself, start by getting up and getting out there, don’t surround yourself with negative thoughts, look to your past for inspiration and then look to the future with a plan for moving forward. If you do these things, you may just find yourself on your way to a more positive life and a more positive outlook, and you may just find that purpose you have been looking for.

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