Wolf Millionaire Wants to Make Instagrammers Into Millionaires


A new company by the name of Wolf Millionaire has just launched with a unique goal in mind- it is working to help Instagram users monetize their social media accounts, and according to the site, turn “pennies” into “millions.” Sound too good to be true? Well, one of the creators of this company, Timothy Sykes, knows a thing or two about taking pennies and turning them into millions. Multi-millionaire Tim Sykes made a fortune in his early twenties by trading penny stocks. Today he runs a multi-million dollar teaching business that has taught others to trade stocks and has boasted multiple millionaire students. Now Tim and his partner Anthony Carbone are setting out to create Instagram millionaires. You can check out their really comprehensive 5 hour intro guide here.

ac.jpgNow Tim and his partner Anthony Carbone are setting out to create Instagram millionaires using the same approach. Sykes also thrives when it comes to the photo sharing site. Scroll through his own Instagram account and you may do a double take. Not only does Sykes visit some of the most beautiful places in the world but he openly posts dozens of pictures of his ultra-lavish lifestyle that can be confused with outtakes from The Wolf of Wall Street movie. However, this isn’t a parody of the movie, and his over-the-top Instagram photos are actually all part of the massive brand and lifestyle he has created for himself. Over 500,000 people follow Tim’s life blow by blow every day on Instagram.

Wolf Millionaire is the brainchild of Sykes and Anthony Carbone, a former Microsoft employee who has mastered the art of using social media sites to create brand recognition, and most importantly, major income. After starting on early sites like Digg, Reddit and Stumble Upon, he developed an approach that could help himself and others earn millions from Instagram.

According to the team behind Wolf Millionaire, Instagram is more than just a photo sharing site, it is the biggest money making secret right now for online marketers. The company aims to show regular Instagram users all of the secrets involved in how they too can make money using Instagram. In fact, if you take a look at Carbone’s current Instagram network, it consists of 28 accounts with more than 13 million followers. With Tim Sykes’ Instagram star power money-making expertise and Anthony Carbone’s mastery of Instagram strategy, they are the new force to be reckoned with in the world of Instagram marketing.

Check out the Wolf Millionaire intro guide.

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