Free Apps For People Who Are Serious About Managing Their Money


For most people, the idea of managing their personal finances is an overwhelming prospect and one that seems nearly impossible to stay on top of. While some people will hire a financial planner to help them take care of their financial obligations, there are others that want to be more hands on and who want an option that is not only convenient, but free. For these individuals, there are several free apps to consider. These apps are user-friendly, easy to download and are designed for individuals who are serious about managing their money. The best part about these programs is if you are unsure if one of these apps is right for you, you can simply download and start trying them out at no risk and determine whether or not these programs are for you. has been in the app world for several years and can be accessed either through a smartphone or table app or through the company’s official website. Once you connect all of your financial accounts through your account, you can easily start managing your finances from one convenient place. The program will show you where all of your money is going and give you friendly reminders on when to pay certain bills and how to keep your money and expenses in line. can be used for your personal finances or your small business efforts, and provides a user friendly experience for all types of users.


Mvelopes is an online budgeting tool meant to digitalize the envelope budgeting system that many people, and their parents used in the past. This program does more than just track what you have already spent, it helps you organize your budgeting and categorize your spending, much like the envelope budgeting approach used to do. There is both an original and new version of the app, and both have a user friendly interface designed to make the entire process simple and straight forward.


If you want to manage your personal and household budgeting, then GoodBudget is an app to consider. The program has a web version as well as an Android and iPhone version. The program is simple and straightforward and meant for those who have standard budgeting concerns to meet but who don’t need anything too complicated or over-the-top. Plus the program’s design makes this budgeting tool super simple to use, even for individuals who may not be overly tech-savvy.

Pocket Expense

The goal of the Pocket Expense application is to provide a full financial software program to users in a convenient app that individuals can take with them in their pockets. This is one of the more powerful programs out there right now and is ideal for those who have a lot of financial managing that they want to do. Pocket Expense tracks spending and provides unique insights to your personal finances. This program can completely replace some larger and much more expensive software programs and can be used on a variety of devices.

When it comes to keeping an eye on your personal finances and organizing your spending, these free apps can be just what any individual needs to stay on top of their financial situation and to start making smarter choices with their money.

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