Meet Paul Scolardi: The Super Man of Stocks

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In the trading world, there are plenty of expert analysts, seasoned mentors and general gurus, but there is only one real super hero in the stock market world and his name is Paul Scolardi. Known as the Superman of the trading world, Paul Scolardi has not only become a self-made multi-millionaire by trading small, mid and large range stocks, but he now also teaches full time as well.

He started his career by being a CPA by day and a Nasdaq and NYSE stock trader by night, but now he has left the corporate grind and focused on his mission of teaching others how to earn financial freedom through trading. Always on the lookout for the next Super Trader Student, Paul Scolardi has now focused much of his efforts on finding new trading talent and developing everyday individuals into stock market superheroes in their own right through his company, Super-Trades.

With 17 years of trading experience behind him, Scolardi has developed an uncanny ability to spot momentum in a stock, far in advance, and using that insight to his advantage. This super insight has more than paid off. In 2014 alone, Scolardi verified more than $1 million in personal net trading gains. In the first six months of 2015, Scolardi verified another astounding $1 million.

Paul Scolardi

Educating Traders Worldwide

This is the expertise he uses when educating his students. Currently, he has more than 1,100 students in 30 countries from around the globe. His top students are even emulating Scolardi’s success already. His top five students have been verifying annual trade numbers in the $200,000-$500,000 range. Plus, in 2014, Scolardi reached another major milestone with his students when he had his first student reach $1 million in profits.

This student is named Matthew Owens and at just 25 years old he managed to follow Scolardi’s formula for success and earned his first million.

As a teacher, this alone wasn’t enough for Scolardi. His next goal? Another millionaire student, and then more and more students who can earn the same type of income as Scolardi with their trading efforts. Scolardi credits much of his success to hard work and dedication and believes that this is what helped him take his own money and transform it into millions in income and he wants to help others do the exact same thing.

With educational blog posts, insider information and a detailed lesson plan that can help even novice traders get a jumpstart on their financial future, Scolardi has cornered the financial education market and helped thousands reach a level of financial freedom. Even more than that, with this success not only as a trader but as a teacher, he has proven he not only has the looks of a real-life superman, but the superhero-esque talents to help any student with the right work ethic become millionaires in their own right.


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