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Tim Sykes

If you have heard or read about Tim Sykes in the past, then you may know a little bit about this successful stock trader. If you have ever considered one of his training programs, then you need to read this review. This review not only discusses the trader’s strategy, but the products that he has for students who want to mimic his success in the trading world.

Timothy Sykes – The Penny Stock Millionaire

Timothy Sykes’ program is based off of his own journey to become a penny stock expert. The millionaire trader began trading in college at a very young age, after his parents gave him control over his Bar Mitzvah money. Sykes started with $12,000 and eventually turned that money into more than $2 million by the end of college, all by trading penny stocks. Today, that number is $4,305,000.

Syke’s strategy was all about short selling penny stocks, something he was so successful at that it lead him to start his own hedge fund and to be named one of the “Top 30 under 30” stock traders. Sykes went on to star on the Wall Street Warriors reality TV show and eventually went on to write a book called An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund.

This book was Sykes’ first step towards a career in mentoring others to find the success they were looking for with all of their trading endeavors.

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What is His Trading Strategy?

Throughout his career, many individuals have referred to Timothy Sykes as everything from the trading “boy wonder” to the joke of the finance world for his bold attitude and antics. While he has had his share of criticisms in the industry, and his approach is rather bold, short and to-the-point, there is no real arguing that this trader knows what he is talking about and that he has a strategy that works.

Sykes’ strategy involves profiting from short selling stocks, or day trading, small penny stocks, instead of making big long-term investments in the stock market. It is a practice that many people shy away from as they do not think it can actually turn into substantial profits. However, his unique approach to it shows people how to make these investments so they can earn major returns.

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Timothy Sykes’ DVDs to Help You Become Successful

Tim Sykes DVD Review

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Tim Sykes’ trading program is based off of his own successful trading strategy. This strategy is detailed in a series of DVDs that walk people through how to follow his trading approach and how to approach a different area of trading. Some DVD programs worth looking into include:

TimFundamentals – An instructional DVD that explains Tim’s approach and tells students how to research and understand the penny stock market before they begin trading.

TimFundamentals Part Deux – The second series of DVDs on the fundamentals of stock trading talk about building watch lists and how to buy and sell stocks in a controlled manner that will actually lead to returns.

Pennystocking – This four disc DVD set includes six hours of information on penny stocks and how traders can consistently trade these stocks for profits.

Pennystocking Part Deux – The second set of pennystocking DVDs, includes new strategy updates and follows real chart patterns from previous years as a way to teach students how to follow the market.

TimRaw – This realistic, unedited, four disc DVD set includes behind the scenes info and lessons from Tim for those who want to see first-hand how he handles the trading process.

TimTactics – TimTactics includes 43 special, expert tips from Tim that he has learned from his own experiences in the market as a way to profit from penny stock trading.

How to Make Millions – Tim speaks of the tactics he’s developed throughout his 15 year career. This DVD is almost a day and a half long. See what one recent customer had to say:

Tim Sykes Investimonials Review

Review of How to Make Millions from

Read SEC Filings – This DVD focuses on how to dig through boring, but enlightening SEC Filings for those who want to discover the real difference between good and bad investments.

Shortstocking – A four disc instructional DVD set that teaches people how to profit from short selling stocks.

The New Rules of Pennystocking – Tim’s new rules of pennystocking features updated tips for those who want to change their pennystocking approach to fit the changes in today’s fast-paced market.

Learn Level 2 – This set of DVDs discusses how to use Level 2 Quote Data to increase your odds of success and improve your chances for greater profits.

The Best of Livestock – This DVD is a sort of “best of” compilation of lessons taken from over 330 hours of LiveStock episodes, put together in one easy-to-follow DVD.

Pennystocking Framework – This DVD covers his seven-step trading framework and what it entails, as unveiled at his annual Las Vegas conference.

Does Achieve Iconic Approve?

While penny stock trading may not be everyone’s preferred method of trading, if you follow the DVDs and go through Sykes’ system you will find two things that many trading programs can not offer. This system produces a good probability of earning a profit and a good ration of average profit to average losses. While most programs can only promise one of these things, Sykes actually does deliver both, traders can enjoy a high percentage of profitable trades and profitable trades that tend to make more than unprofitable ones with this system.

This does not, however, mean that the system is perfect. Trading with this system takes a lot of time. For those who are trading on the side, it can take up a great deal of spare time, and if they are working with small accounts, the profits to trading outcome at first can be daunting. This system, although effective, is not for everyone, mostly because many people do not have the emotional restraint to be successful traders. This is something that is a flaw not only of Sykes’ system but of many, and something that Sykes is quick to point out to his students.

Those considering the system should also remember that while Tim Sykes had a history of being impulsive, he had the insight and expertise to handle these types of situations. Students should not try to mimic his attitude when following these DVD program. Traders need to be disciplined, as many get so caught up in the program that they find themselves trading too much. This is something that Sykes is aware of and something that he has criticized his followers on before. However, with the right discipline, and an understanding of the type of program you are getting into, Achieve Iconic stands behind this program and what it can do for aspiring traders looking to make money off of the penny stock market.

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