Why You Aren’t Financially Free Yet


Financial freedom seems to the goal of most people today. There are very few things that are as appealing as not having to worry as much about money. However, there are so many people who are not only far away from being financially free, but who feel as though this moment may never come for them. Here are three of the biggest reasons why you are not financially free yet.

You Don’t Even Believe It’s Possible

This is one of the biggest and most prevalent reasons most people are not financially free. When you simply don’t believe that you have the chance to find financial freedom, there is no chance that you will overcome your challenges to find the freedom you seek. You have to start by believing that financial freedom is possible. If you truly believe that this is possible, then you can start thinking more positive and start making the positive changes that you need in order to be more successful. Yes, it may be a long and difficult road, but if you start by believing that financial freedom is possible, you will be well on your way to your journey towards financial freedom.

You Haven’t Taken the Time to Develop a Strategy or Game Plan

You need to have a strong strategy or game plan first before you can ever start working towards financial freedom. A big goal like financial security is not one that happens overnight and not something that happens without work and planning. Sit down and develop a detailed plan for how you are going to be more financially free. If you do this, you can start seeing the small steps it will take to reach your much larger goal. Make sure that you not only develop a plan, but that you write it down so that you can really diligently follow the steps you need to follow in order to succeed.

You’re All About Spending and Not About Saving

This is a pretty obvious reason why so many people are struggling with financial freedom, but it is one worth pointing out. It can be very hard to save, especially if you already feel like you are living paycheck to paycheck, but the more you can focus on saving and getting yourself financially established instead about spending, the better off you will be. You must be able to be diligent about the money you save. This way, if you ever face an emergency, you will have a backup fund waiting for you to help you get out of this trouble and overcome hurdles to make sure you don’t get yourself in a deeper hole.

If you can acknowledge some of the main reasons why you are not financially free yet, you are taking the first step towards changing your financial future. Accepting the reasons why you are not financially free first, is the biggest step to changing your financial outcome. If you can really look into the causes of your financial distress you can arm yourself with the information you need to start making the changes you have always wanted to see.

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