The Biggest Shift in Marketing in 20 Years


One more ‘set-up’ message before we dive into the Pyramid of Allure…

We need to have a shared understanding of the massive shift which is taking place in our culture and our economy that explains why so much of what you learned in business school and are being taught by nearly all consultants and gurus today is simply no longer true. Oh, it will be true again, in about 60 years. But for now, we’re 12 years into a massive 40 year shift from a Me centric culture toward a We centric culture.

This isn’t good or bad, right or wrong, and it’s not about politics or economic theory, directly.  It’s just how humanity ‘breathes’ through time and it’s most simply explained by Aesop in his famous story about the Ants and the Grasshopper. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean!

This will also explain to you what so much of what worked for us in Sales and Marketing for the last 20 or so years worked so well, but today it just plain doesn’t work anymore. We’re hyper skeptical consumers and we demand to know who you really are and what your true intention is. We call this ‘authenticity’, ‘transparency’ and even ‘corporate governance’. What that means is that if you attempt to hide behind your logo and throw out artificial scarcity and other created shenanigans intended to trigger emotional responses; today, you’ll get your clock cleaned by a more connected and engaging competitor.

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Shawn Miller
Shawn M. Miller is the CEO of Performance Institute in Holland, Michigan, USA. ‘P.I.’ is a boutique strategic marketing and business advisement firm which holds three brands in addition to private consulting clients; the Celebrity CEO Model of Business Coaching and Celebrity Entrepreneur Magazine and a SaaS software suite of Social Media publishing and management tools called Social Cloud Suite. Shawn is a Social Entrepreneur, triggering multiple businesses, including FLEX Fitness Center, to fund missions and ministries which build families. You can easily find Shawn on most Social Media Channels as “ShawnMMiller” (Klout tracks Shawn among the Top 0.1% Most Influential People on-line in the subjects of Business, Branding, and Entrepreneurship).

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