Creative Questions to Ask Potential Employees During Interviews


if you are in charge of handling interviews for your company, then chances are you know just how stressful the process of asking important questions can be. Interviews are so limited in time and they only give you a brief look into a potential candidate and a limited about of time to see what that person is really like and what they will be like when working for your company. This is why posing the right interview questions is so important and why it is essential that you throw in a few creative interview questions into your discussion. Asking creative interview questions can really help you get a more in-depth look into a candidate. It can also help you catch the interviewer off-guard and see how they react under pressure. Most interviewees only expect to answer run-of-the-mill questions, which is why creative inquiries can really go a long way in helping you learn more about this individual. Here are some of the most creative questions you can ask potential employees during the interview process.

“What Are Your Concerns About This Company?”

This is a great question to let you see how an individual will react when caught off-guard. It is also a very telling question that can let you know about the interviewee’s personality and act as feedback regarding your organization. When answered honestly, this question will tell you about the type of concerns in general this individual has about working and about some of their career goals and aspirations. This will also let you know what the outside world, particularly job candidates, think about your company and what the preconceived notions about your organization are.

“What Work Task Were You Doing When You Saw the Clock And Realized You Were Short on Time?”

This question can give you insight on two major components of a candidates work habits. First, it will tell you a little bit about how they spend most of their days at the office and what types of tasks seem to be all consuming to the candidate. Finally, it will tell you how they are with time management and how they react to being under pressure. A quality answer will conclude with the person telling you the whole story, including what they did to get the task at hand done when they discovered they were racing against the clock.

“What is the Most Difficult Decision You’ve Made Recently?”

This is a very revealing question that can help you get to know a potential candidate on a more personal level. It can also tell you a lot about a person’s decision making strategy so you can find out if their approach to solving problems fits in with your own company’s culture and way of doing things.

“Explain An Instance Where You Felt You Were Right But Had To Follow Company Procedures Instead.”

Depending on the answer you get for this question, you may find out a few different things. First, you may find out what type of leadership skills the candidate has and how they think for themselves, you may also find out if they have a problem with authority or if they know when to fall in line with company policy. Also, depending on what instance they use, you may find out about some of your candidate’s more creative ideas, or about certain morals they have that may not have lined up with their former company’s way of doing things.

The right interview questions can help you get a lot more out of the limited conversation time that you have with your candidates. Consider these creative interview questions during your next interview process, they may just help you find the right person for the job during your search.


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