Timothy Sykes How To Make Millions DVD Comprehensive Review


Timothy Sykes’ How to Make Millions DVD is an extremely comprehensive look at what goes into trading penny stocks. While it’s impossible to learn everything there is to know about penny stocks from a 35-hour course, this DVD does a great job of giving the audience the basics and getting them situated so they can at least understand what goes into making millions. This is a 13-disc set, and each disc has roughly 3 hours of content. Many reviews have been written about Tim Sykes’ products, but we have set out to give you a more in-depth look than ever before.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that this DVD is not a silver bullet get rich quick scheme. Tim makes a point of saying this up front, and repeats it several times throughout the course of the material. Watching this DVD will NOT make you into an instant Wolf of Wall Street with more money than you know what to do with. Tim makes it clear that that’s not his intent, anyway. Rather, this DVD will arm you with the tools necessary to decide a few key things:

  1. Whether Tim’s strategy is right for you
  2. What you will need to do in order to make the most of the strategy
  3. What to expect along your journey to becoming a millionaire

This DVD is formatted so that viewers are watching a slide deck presentation with voiceover from Tim. Despite the fact that viewers will be mostly looking at slide decks (there are a few actual live-action video segments and webinars spliced in as well), Tim keeps things very conversational. Sometimes he can switch topics very quickly without much introduction, or will go on a tangent before coming back to his original point. While everything he says is useful, it makes it rather difficult to break down each video into a distinct lesson.

In light of that, this review will give a brief overview of what is covered, followed by a list of general topics and approximate time stamps of where the content can be found.

Disc 1

Run Time: 2:59:49
Total Time: 2:59:49

Topics Covered:

  1. Legal Disclaimer 0:00-2:15
  1. Where DVD Profits Go 2:15-3:47
  1. What to Expect from DVD, General Tips for Success 3:47-32:55
  1. Comparison Between Tim’s Strategy & Traditional Investing 32:55-38:10
  1. Limitations of Tim’s Strategy 38:10-40:13
  1. More Guidelines for Success 43:15-48:20
  1. What This Strategy Has Done for Other Students 48:20-54:33
  1. Introduction to Cutting Losses Quickly 54:33- 59:50
  1. What It Actually Takes to Become a Millionaire 59:50-1:29:50
  1. The Importance of Transparency in Trading 1:29:50- 1:44:50
  1. Tim’s Personal Background 1:44:50-1:59:50
  1. Introduction to Basic Vocabulary 1:59:50-2:59:49

Disc 1 Review

This is the introductory disc. For the first two hours, viewers won’t find much detail in terms of strategy, charts, numbers, etc. Much of this disc is simply devoted to getting students into the right mindset with regards to what it takes to actually become a millionaire. In the final hour, Tim starts to get into the “meat” of the content; he starts off with some basic trading vocabulary such as Buy, Short, Sell Short, etc.

From there, he gets into the differences between different types of stocks (smallcap, midcap, penny, etc.) and different types of funds (hedge, mutual). This section is highly detailed and does a great job of outlining the basics of what any trader should know. This is where disc 2 picks up.

While it can be argued that none of the introductory stuff matters too much, it is important to let viewers know exactly what they can expect from the next 33 hours or so of content. Penny stocks, by definition, attract many people who think they just found a ticket to becoming overnight millionaires. Tim uses the first two hours of the first disc to essentially scare those people away. It does a nice job of setting the stage for the rest of the content.

Disc 2

Run Time: 3:14:51
Total Time: 6:14:40

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to Vocabulary Continued 0:00-8:20
  1. Trading Mechanics — How to Buy, Short, Etc. 8:20-36:32
  1. Reading Basic Stock Data: IBM 36:32-50:06
  1. Reading Penny Stock Data 50:06-1:00:00
  1. Review of Stock Data Vocabulary 1:00:28 – 1:14:55
  1. Review of Economics 101 1:14:55-1:21:00
  1. Technical Analysis: Support/Resistance, Breakouts, Etc. 1:21:00-2:14:57
  1. Review of Indices, Commodities, REIT’s, Etc. 2:14:57-2:38:00
  1. How to Find The Best Stocks to Trade 2:38:00-3:03:41
  1. Viewing Charts in A Live Trading Platform 3:03:41-3:14:51

Disc 2 Review

The second disc in this set certainly makes up for any fluff that may have been present in the first disc. Between technical charts, an overview of indices, and more vocabulary, this disc definitely starts to get into more intense material. Once all of the background info has been taken care of, Tim begins to really get into his strategy in earnest and provides viewers with a few actionable steps they can take in order to begin studying.

A theme that will become more apparent as the course goes on is that there is a great deal of material to absorb. While it may seem a bit complex at first, Tim does an excellent job of introducing new concepts in a way that anyone can understand. He also pulls many screenshots from places like Yahoo Finance and speaks about a few non-penny stock companies such as IBM, which helps viewers realize that a lot of the general rules apply to all stocks.

Disc 3

Run Time: 2:45:02
Total Time: 8:59:42

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to Different Chart Types 0:00-12:23
  1. Penny Stocks and Press Releases 12:23-45:03
  1. Review of Lessons from Penny Stocks & Press Releases 45:03-1:02:16
  1. Lessons From Tim’s First $100K Trade ISCO 1:02:16-1:11:44
  1. Case Study of Stock EKSO 1:11:44-1:45:13
  1. Review of Lessons From ISCO & EKSO 1:45:13-2:12:26
  1. Position Sizes, Leverage, and Planning Your Trades 2:12:26-2:45:02

Disc 3 Review

This video starts with a quick introduction to a few different chart types, followed by Tim’s explanation of why he favors the candlestick charts. In order to reinforce how they work, almost all of the charts Tim works with for the remainder of the course are candlesticks, so by the end of the entire DVD viewers will be very familiar with how the work.

The bulk of this disc is spent discussing how penny stocks react to news events, such as when a penny stock company puts out several press releases or announces that they’ve entered into a contract with a well-known company like Apple. He also shares some insight on what went right during his first $100K trade of Illinois Superconductor (ticker ISCO).

Compared to the previous disc, the pace of disc 3 is a bit slower, though it does pick up again towards the end. Many of the sections are padded with anecdotes; while this does allow viewers to really understand what was going on during the time these trades were going on, some viewers might become slightly impatient. However, there is a purpose to Tim’s conversational tone that he takes here and throughout the DVD, which is to engage viewers in a dialogue rather than a lecture format.

The pace picks up again in the last half hour or so with a discussion of proper position sizes, an explanation of leverage, and a few other topics. After the rapid-fire pace of disc 2, this serves as a relatively pleasant break.

Disc 4

Run Time: 2:30:02
Total Time: 11:29:44

Topics Covered:

  1. Planning a Trade Cont. 00:00-15:00
  1. Details of Cutting Losses 15:00-52:57
  1. Earnings Winners 52:57-1:18:56
  1. Vocabulary Review 1:18:56-1:40:16
  1. Earnings Winners 2 1:40:16-2:19:10
  1. Contract Winners 2:19:10-2:30:02

Disc 4 Review

After a continuation of the material from disc 3, Tim gets into the specifics of cutting losses and buying stocks based on their earnings or contract announcements. While it may seem like common sense to cut losses as quickly as possible, in practice it can be tricky to do that for a number of reasons, so Tim explores a wide range of scenarios and examples of his own losses, as well as discussing what the key takeaways are.

The rest of the disc takes a look at strategically timing stocks of companies that announce great earnings or that they are entering into a contract with a well-known company, similar to a situation that arose in the last disc. As always, Tim supports each lesson with many real-world examples of stocks that he and his trading students have encountered, as well as what the catalyst was for causing them to spike.

What Tim shows in this disc is that his strategy isn’t limited to finding blatant pump and dump scams (although that is a large part of it). As he discusses later in the DVD, there are many different routes traders can take. The basics are that the stock will eventually spike and then it will eventually crash, but there are a few different events that can lead to the spike and respective crash, which is what’s detailed in this disc.

Disc 5

Run Time: 2:31:44
Total Time: 14:01:28

Topics Covered:

  1. Live Webinar Recording 0:00-2:01:50
  1. Further Discussion of Ticker TCCO 2:01:50-2:16:48
  1. Earnings Winner HGS 2:16:48-2:31:44

Disc 5 Review

The majority of this disc is actually a recording of one of Tim’s live webinars where he discusses an earnings winner — Technical Communications, or ticker TCCO. He breaks down what’s been going on with the stock, and spends the rest of the time fielding different questions from participants in the chat room. This is useful just to see how Tim conducts his webinars; viewers who decide to stick with Tim’s strategy or who already use it will benefit from seeing the sorts of interactions that happen within the chat room. The webinar ends after the two-hour mark, but the rest of the disc is spent further breaking down TCCO and another earnings winner, ticker HGS.

Viewing Tim’s webinar is just like being in a classroom, and viewers will benefit from the discussions that arise from the students’ various questions. Viewers will be 11.5 hours into the material at the start of this disc, so this provides a nice change of pace to keep them engaged.

Disc 6

Run Time: 3:14:51
Total Time: 17:16:19

Topics Covered:

  1. Tim’s Approach to Trading 0:00-30:00
  1. Ins and Outs of Short Selling 30:00-1:48:07
  1. Why Do Penny Stocks Crash? An Analysis 1:48:07-3:14:51

Disc 6 Review

Tim starts off by offering a few more thoughts on buying contract winners, and segues into more general rules and gives a framework for how he approaches trading. This includes running Stocks to Trade scans, checking big % gainers, etc. He even has a breakdown of how he typically spends most days, which will be helpful for those who are really looking to model their trade timing and schedule off of him.

The second section focuses more on short selling, specifically how to execute shorts, when shorting is a good idea, and how to use it within Tim’s strategy. Shorting is the bread and butter of Tim’s strategy, so this is a crucial element.

The final section provides a look at the many reasons why penny stocks crash, from corrupt management to faulty business practices, Tim walks viewers through a few different case studies. This section really serves to reinforce the fact that one cannot ever trust a penny stock company, something that Tim continually emphasizes throughout the DVD. The information contained in this disc is essential for understanding both Tim’s strategy and the nature of penny stocks in general.

Disc 7

Run Time: 3:04:20
Total Time: 20:20:39

Topics Covered:

  1. Video Lesson Sample 0:00-32:08
  1. How to Identify Penny Stock Pumps 32:08-50:08
  1. Tim Trades from The Roosevelt Hotel 50:08-1:07:21
  1. Video Lesson: Watching GNIN 1:07:21-1:36:26
  1. Live Presentation: The Ideal Trade 1:36:26-2:19:21
  1. Shorting Non-Penny Stock Pumps 2:19:21-3:04:20

Disc 7 Review

This disc covers a wide range of information. The first half hour or so is a video lesson where Tim discusses various topics related to his then recent trades, then segues into what can safely be considered the heart of Tim’s strategy — identifying penny stock pumps. These are the companies that pump out press release after press release, hyping up their stock before anyone realizes what’s going on. On this subject, Tim raises a poignant question: Why would someone spend so much money on promotion of business’ stock, when they could reinvest that money into the business? That’s the key question that will help a lot of people avoid falling prey to these scams while also identifying good pumps to short.

This is also the first disc where actual video is shown, rather than screen capture. It’s a video of Tim trading early one morning from The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. While the trade he makes is interesting, the most utility viewers will get out of this section will probably be getting a window into Tim’s lifestyle. By this point, viewers have sat through about 18 hours of charts, graphs, tables, and numbers, so it was probably a strategic decision to include some live footage here. If nothing else, viewers will enjoy a break from the more mentally demanding sections of the DVD.

That’s not even the only live footage shown on this disc; viewers are also shown a presentation Tim gave at one of his trading conventions, where he speaks on the topic of identifying the ideal trade. Again, this serves as a nice change of pace from listening to narration with slides, and it’s helpful to see Tim teach in a live setting.

This disc wraps up with Tim discussing how to approach shorting non-penny stock pumps. This isn’t really a core part of his strategy, and he makes it clear that since these are real companies and not just scams, it’s not guaranteed that the stock will decrease enough for profitable shorts. Nevertheless, this is still useful for traders who want to give it a try.

Disc 7 is packed with a variety of information, and the pacing is also varied enough that viewers will be able to stay engaged throughout.

Disc 8

Run Time: 2:32:20
Total Time: 22:52:59

Topics Covered:

  1. Cautionary Tale: Forgetting Your Plan 00:00-10:35
  1. Video Lesson on Ticker CUBA 10:35-31:40
  1. Market Crazes: Marijuana Stocks 31:40-55:34
  1. Tim Grittani Webinar 55:34-2:17:20
  1. Shorting Non-Penny Stock Pumps Caveat 2:17:20-2:32:20

Disc 8 Review

The general theme of this disc is loss — how to deal with it and how to not let it completely throw you off. Tim opens disc 8 with a very important cautionary tale. He discusses a stock that played out exactly as he predicted it would. However, over the course of the play, he took a loss, and let that loss throw him off his game so much that he ultimately wasn’t able to take advantage of the big crash. He just opens with this anecdote to remind viewers that going into any trade without a plan, or forgetting your plan, only leads to negative results.

After another video lesson, viewers are treated to a webinar by Tim Grittani, who is Tim’s second millionaire student. The webinar discusses various topics, but mainly focuses on a big loss Tim had recently taken on ticker symbol LAKE. He discusses what went wrong, as well as how he let it negatively affect his trading afterwards. It’s guaranteed that all traders will take losses, so it’s important for new traders to understand that, as well as understanding healthy ways to deal with it.

He ends this disc with a caveat about shorting non-penny stock pumps, which is that since they’re not penny stocks, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll crash. This means that if you are short and end up being wrong, you can actually end up owing your broker money, which needless to say is not a good place to be. There are many important lessons included in this disc; losses are a subject every new trader should be well versed in.

Disc 9

Run Time: 59:58
Total Time: 23:52:57

Topics Covered:

  1. Shorting Non-Penny Stock Pumps Cont. 0:00-17:21
  1. Analyzing Tim’s Short Plays 17:21-42:28
  1. Tim’s Trading Setup and Strategy 42:28-59:58

Disc 9 Review

The first section of disc 9 is just a continuation of where the previous disc left off in terms of discussing non-penny stock pumps. From there, Tim brings up a few of his best short plays and walks viewers through how he approached each one. At this point, nothing he says should shock viewers, a lot of it is just reinforcing the lessons that were introduced earlier in the set. Finally, there’s a section where Tim discusses his trading setup, including the equipment he uses, how often he trades, and a few other things.

Disc 9 is short and sweet; there aren’t any daunting new concepts introduced here, it’s really just reinforcement of past lessons.

Disc 10

Run Time: 3:24:09
Total Time: 27:17:06

Topics Covered:

  1. Michael Goode Introduction 0:00-5:07
  1. Michael Goode Presentation 1 5:07-1:17:30
  1. Michael Goode Presentation 2 1:17:30-2:04:38
  1. Tim Grittani Introduction 2:04:38-2:10:06
  1. Tim Grittani Presentation 1 2:10:06-3:24:09

Disc 10 Review

From this point onwards, it’s all about Tim’s students. This disc opens with a brief introduction to Michael Goode, his first millionaire student. There are two live presentations by Michael here back to back from different conventions, both jam packed with information. One notable thing about Michael, which he brings up in the first presentation, is that he really did not believe that Tim’s strategy would work at all, and was a rather vocal opponent of the strategy before trying it out for himself.

After the second presentation, Tim introduces his second millionaire student Tim Grittani, who was actually already featured in disc 8. Here we learn a bit more about his personal background, and get to see a live presentation by him. Most of the rest of the lesson content in the DVD is relayed through this format — Tim will introduce one of his trading students or acquaintances, and viewers will be shown a presentation or two by that person.

In this case, it’s nice to see presentations by both of Tim’s millionaire students and hear what they have to say about Tim’s strategy and how they made trading work for them. These presentations are full of information and useful content, so viewers will want to make sure they have a note-taking device handy.


Disc 11

Run Time: 3:08:17
Total Time: 30:25:23

Topics Covered:

  1. Tim Grittani Presentation 2 00:00-1:14:22
  1. Discussion of Other Trading Students 1:14:220-1:35:21
  1. Mark Croock Presentation 1:35:21-2:29:20
  1. Superman Introduction 2:29:20-2:34:19
  1. Superman Presentation 2:34:19-3:08:17

Disc 11 Review

Continuing with the theme of putting others in the spotlight, disc 11 starts with another presentation from Tim Grittani. After that presentation wraps up, Tim discusses a handful of other trading students, including their individual stories and how they found him. Another presentation is given by trading student Mark Croock, and then Tim introduces a trader known as Superman.

Superman is actually not one of Tim’s trading students, but developed his own strategy that differs greatly from Tim’s. While Tim does penny stock day trading, Superman is more of a swing trader, and holds stocks for several weeks or months before selling.

Viewers are treated to a presentation where they learn all about his strategy in-depth. Some might say it’s an odd decision to advertise a completely different trading style in an instructional DVD, but as Tim says throughout the course, he just wants to make more millionaires, whether it’s with his strategy or someone else’s. Disc 11 wraps up with Superman’s presentation.

Disc 12

Run Time: 2:23:10
Total Time: 32:48:33

Topics Covered:

  1. Gregg “LX21” Introduction 00:00-5:56
  1. Presentation by Gregg 5:56-1:13:00
  1. Tim Bohen Introduction 1:13:00-1:18:00
  1. Tim Bohen Presentation 1:18:00-1:53:11
  1. Course Review 1:53:11-2:23:10

Disc 12 Review

This is the final instructional disc, and it ends with a couple more student presentations and a summary of everything viewers have learned up to this point. Two presentations are shown, one by the number one trader on Profit.ly Gregg AKA “LX21”, and one by Tim Bohen. As he is the number one trader on Profit.ly, Gregg has some very interesting insight to share on trading — he treats it like a professional sport. The presentation is very enjoyable, and will definitely speak to viewers’ competitive sides.

The final student presentation is given by Tim Bohen. In the introduction segment, Tim notes that Mr. Bohen isn’t the richest student he has, but that he is a fantastic role model for part time traders. Viewers who are looking to trade part time will definitely want to hear what Tim Bohen has to say about success in that area.

After that, Tim has a bulleted summary where he reviews in broad strokes everything viewers have learned up to that point. With that, the instructional section of the DVD comes to a close. Viewers will have witnessed almost 33 hours of content on a variety of topics related to Tim’s strategy. However, there is one more disc…

Disc 13 – Bonus Materials

This disc just includes various bonus materials, including a recording of Tim’s speech that he gave at Harvard, a clips from when Tim was featured on MTV cribs, and various other fun extras. By this point viewers have gone through roughly 33 hours of intensive learning material, so this is a nice casual way to just sit back, unwind, absorb everything that has been taught, and celebrate completing the first step to really understanding Tim’s strategy.

Closing Comments

If one thing can be said about How to Make Millions, it’s that it is extremely thorough. When popping in the first disc, viewers might be put off by how the first couple hours are really only spent discussing how difficult it is to become a millionaire, and how they must prepare themselves for the road ahead. However, in light of the rest of the content, that preamble makes sense.

This material is not particularly complex, but it will take a great deal of time to fully absorb and understand it. This is not material than can be watched once through and never again; like anything else, it must be studied to get the most out of it. Enough information about Tim’s strategy is disclosed during the course of the DVD that viewers will be able to decide whether the strategy is for them.

This DVD had one goal: to teach viewers how to make millions. Between the hours of case studies, play-by-play analysis of stock movements, webinars, and presentations, anyone who decides to pursue trading will be armed with the tools necessary to do so. Even those who ultimately choose not to continue with Tim’s strategy will be able to say they’ve learned a great deal about the stock market in general. Those who are completely new to trading will have a much firmer grasp of stocks and finance after watching this DVD.

Tim Sykes’ How to Make Millions is an excellent learning source for those interested in stocks, finance, business, and how to become a millionaire.

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