Hot Atlanta Neighborhoods for Entrepreneurs


Over the past few years, Atlanta has become one of the most popular destinations for young entrepreneurs to come start their own business. The “Capital of the South” not only has an emerging startup scene but it also has a relatively affordable cost of living, making it a popular place for entrepreneurs to flock. One of the most interesting parts of Atlanta is that there are so many unique neighborhoods in the area, each with their own feel and attitude.

Many of these neighborhoods are also great places for entrepreneurs to settle down in. Here are three of the hottest neighborhoods in Atlanta for business owners to live in when they are looking to get their business off the ground.

Inman Park

Inman Park is often hailed as Atlanta’s first suburb. It is located just two miles east of downtown Atlanta and is the first planned suburb in the area. The community is close to it all and its location along I75/85 make it an easy commute for those who want to get downtown. Many entrepreneurs looking to start their own downtown business choose to call this charming suburb home for its prime location.

However, as Inman Park has grown, the neighborhood has also proven to be a great place for entrepreneurs to open their own businesses as well. Co-working spaces and affordable commercial rentals all make Inman Park the place to be for those who want to open their own business without actually living in the crowded downtown area.


Upon first visiting the Virginia-Highlands, chances are you will immediately fall in love with this historic neighborhood and its unmistakable charm. This neighborhood is close to downtown yet has a secluded feel and is known for its quaint bungalow homes, quirky shops and award-winning restaurant. “The Highlands” isn’t just a great place to shop and dine either, it is also a popular neighborhood for entrepreneurs as well.

Open up a business in the Virginia-Highlands and you know you will get plenty of foot-traffic in this walkable Atlanta neighborhood. Plus, this neighborhood is also the home to several notable startups, many of who have made their debut at the neighborhoods annual Virginia Highland Summerfest.

Five Points

Five Points or Little Five Points is one of the most notable communities in Atlanta and a fun place for entrepreneurs to settle in when they are looking for a neighborhood that already attracts plenty of consumers. The Five Points neighborhood is known for being one of the most eclectic communities in all of Atlanta. The neighborhood is near downtown and is home to quirky bars, unique shops and The Vortex, home of the city’s best burger. For entrepreneurs who want to be close to downtown, yet who are looking for a neighborhood that has a personality of its own, there is no better area to consider than fun and funky Little Five Points.

With so much young energy in the area, many business owners are flocking to Little Five Points in order to start a business of their own.

If you are looking to start your own business in the thriving city of Atlanta, consider these three great neighborhoods. They all offer proximity to downtown, yet their own unique feel and vibe, making them a perfect place for those who want to launch their own company.

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