How to Profit From Critics


As we go through life, we will all be faced with critics from time-to-time. This is a part of life, a part of business, and a particularly large part of life as an entrepreneur. Critics can be difficult to handle. Nothing is as frustrating as working hard to reach your own goals, only to constantly be met with criticism from another person or a group of other people. Critics are a part of life, and you not only need to acknowledge them and accept them as part of life, but you also need to know how to handle them as well. The way you handle critics can not only help make your life as a business owners easier, but it can actually help you succeed. There are ways that you can actually profit from critics if you just know how to handle them.

Here are three easy ways you can handle critics and profit from their presence in your life. You may be surprised to find just how much you can profit from these individuals if you are willing to approach them in the right way.

Don’t talk to those who only want to say “I told you so”.

There are some critics out there who seem to just wait for you to make a mistake so they can step up and say “I told you so.” These are people who want to tell you that they were right and are people who are only interested in their own image and in their own ability to prove to others that they are right. Chances are these people are everywhere in your life. They may even be people who are close to you like a friend or a family member. If you tend to be around someone who loves to say “I told you so,” the best thing you can do is to remove yourself from that situation and to not talk to people who tend to act in this way. Having their constant misjudgment around you will only make it more difficult for you to be successful. Don’t let their words get you down and do you best not to speak to them.

Don’t ignore criticism that is legitimately valid.

We all face criticism from time to time. Sometimes criticism is negative and will only bring you down and other times it can actually be valid. While you need to push aside criticism that is negative, you need to remember that sometimes, there is valid criticism or constructive criticism that can come from your harshest critics. While it may be difficult to swallow, it is important that you are giving this type of criticism the attention that it deserves. Try your best to separate the good criticism from the bad. If there is valid criticism coming your way, don’t ignore it. Take it to heart and see if it can help you improve for the better. Sometimes the criticism that bothers us the most is actually the most valuable criticism out there, and the insight that you can use to improve your weaknesses and better yourself for the future.

Thank and appreciate your critics.

Critics can be hard to deal with and they can be understandably frustrating. However, we all need critics in our lives. They can present us with harsh realities, encourage us to do better and motivate us towards the future. If you have critics in your life, don’t try to mash their criticism and don’t be negative towards them. Instead, thank and appreciate your critics for playing the role that they do. Understand that while they may be frustrating, they can also be tools for helping you be better. If someone is a harsh critic of yours, thank them for pushing you and for encouraging you to look at things differently.

It may be hard to take the high road with critics and to approach them in this manner when you are faced with their challenges. However, if you choose to act in this manner, you may find that you can start benefiting from critics instead of letting their actions bring you down.

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