Unusual Job Perks You Should Consider Giving Your Employees


As a business owner, the concept of employee perks is always a challenging notion to tackle. While you want to make sure you offer your employees certain incentives for being diligent workers, there is a thing as offering too much for your workers. However, the right incentives can also work in your favor. Many times, unusual job perks can be just what a prospective employee needs in order to be truly convinced a particular job is for them. The right incentive can help you secure the perfect addition to your company. With this in mind, it is important that all entrepreneurs, no matter what line of work they are in, consider some more unusual job perks that can entice any employee and help entrepreneurs secure the right addition to their organization.

Google’s On-Site Health and Medical Services

While this may seem like a perk only big companies can offer, there are actually affordable ways for mid-sized companies to offer on-site health and medical services. Google has done this for their employees and in turn created one of the most enviable perks in the business. This is taking the concept of offering great health insurance a step farther, by making sure employees don’t even have to leave the office in order to get basic medical services. There are many doctors that still make house calls, and as an entrepreneur it would be easy to find a doctor that can make office calls, to make the process of fitting in routine check-ups and appointments easier for all involved.

Starbucks’ College Achievement Plan

Starbucks’ now famous College Achievement Plan is a program that the company started in an effort to help make college more affordable for their employees and their families. The company provides full tuition coverage for all four years of college and provides access to 49 different online classes. This is an expensive perk for some companies to offer, but the idea behind helping to pay for college, is one perk that most employees will not be able to turn down.

Weebly’s Errand Running Service

The web design company known as Weebly is known for their web design and serving platforms and for making it easy for customers of all types to create their own website. However, for Weebly’s employees, the company is known for their errand running services. While it may be a unique perk for employees, it is one that makes life easier on many that work for the organization. Busy Weebly employees no longer have to worry about scheduling their time while still being able to get personal errands done. The errand running service is just one of the company’s job perks they offer those that work for them and its one that helps make any company’s hours more manageable. Perks like this can show your employees that you understand how difficult it is to manage a personal and professional life and that you want to help them get everything they need to accomplish done.


These employee perks may not be the most traditional incentives out there, but they can really go a long way in helping your employees feel like valued members of your company’s team.

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