How Vulnerability is a Powerful Leadership Trait


When it comes to being a powerful and successful leader, there is no end to the list of different types of qualities you will need to have in order to handle the demands of being a leader. While many people value traits like strength and discipline in their leaders, one trait that is equally important, yet often undervalued is vulnerability. Here are some of the main reasons why being a vulnerable leader can go a long way, no matter what type of leader you are looking to be.

It Reminds Everyone You’re Human

Many times, when you are thrust into a leadership position and responsible for making tough decisions, your team members begin to forget that you are human. When you hold the power to make tough calls and set rules and boundaries, it can really dehumanize you. This makes it difficult for team members to interact with, get along with and respect you in the way they would treat their colleagues. While you do have to distance yourself in some respects from your team members, being vulnerable reminds them that you are also a person, you just happen to be a person that has a more powerful position. This can really help you build a strong relationship with your team member and it can help them respect you not only as their leader but as a person as well.

You Gain the Trust of Others

Being a good leader is about more than giving out demands, it is about earning the trust of your team members. When you show that you are vulnerable and that you trust your team members enough to see you in a vulnerable state, it helps strengthen the bond that you have between yourself and those that you are leading. If your team members don’t trust you, then you cannot trust them to act in the best interest of your company. Building this type of trust takes a long time, but if you work at it and do things like show your vulnerability you can start building the type of trust that you need in order to be a truly great leader.

Vulnerability Does Not Equal Weakness

When it comes to actually showing your vulnerable side as a leader, it is important to remember that vulnerability does not equal weakness. Many leaders are so afraid of showing their vulnerable side because they think that others will perceive them as weak. This is not necessarily the case. You can be vulnerable without being weak, you just need to draw the fine line between showing that you have feelings and are a vulnerable person and letting your emotions take over and getting walked on by others. If you find that balance, you will find the key to being a good leader.

Many people are naturally vulnerable individuals, while others typically don’t let this side of their personality show. If you feel as though you are not a particularly vulnerable person, take some time to left this softer side of you show. It can really go a long way in making you an approachable, successful and multi-faceted leader.

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