The Best Summer Jobs and What You Can Learn From Them


Many school-aged and college kids know the drill. When summer rolls around and school is out, it is time to take on a summer job in order to earn some extra money. Summer jobs are great in general, as they can teach kids the importance of working hard and what it means to make a wage. However, there are some summer jobs that are better than others and some that can really teach young people important life lessons that they can use in their future. With this in mind, here are some of the best summer jobs available and insight on what any person can learn from them.

Telemarketing- Learn How to Sell

Telemarketing jobs may not seem all that glamorous, but they are great summer jobs for a few reasons. First, they can teach young people the basics of how to sell, in a more low-key, low-pressure environment. Since telemarketing companies need to have bulk staff, they are often happy to hire summer employees and students. This is a great way to learn about sales and to hone basic sales skills. After all, if you can sell something as a telemarketer during a summer job, the sky is the limit on what else you can sell.

Retail- Learn Process

Retail jobs are great for a number of reasons, beyond just getting discounts on items. Working retail can teach you how to learn about the basics of having a process. From buying and ordering to stocking, displaying and refilling, retail jobs are all about the process. The right job in retail can actually give you a very revealing inside look at how large corporations operate.

Banking- Learn How to Create Successful Relationships

There are many individuals who work their summer jobs as a bank teller. In addition to honing your basic math skills, working in banking can really help any person learn how to create successful relationships. Banking positions can help you learn to create relationships not only with customers who are trusting you with their money but with other professionals both in your industry and in your individual place of work. If you want to develop relationship building skills, then banking jobs are the way to go.

Real Estate Assisting- Learn How to Invest

Real estate companies are always in need of assistants. Whether you are answering phones, helping to set up open houses, working in the office, or passing out flying, working in a real estate office can teach you a great deal about this market. It will also teach you a lot about the basics on how to invest and help you develop investing skills you can use far into your career.

These are just a few of the many summer jobs that can help any person, at any age, learn important skills that they can carry with them for life. Consider these jobs if you or someone you know is looking for a summer job that will not only put a little extra dough in their pocket, but help them develop skills they can use for their lifetime.

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