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In today’s digital age, if you really want to get ahead and learn from the best, you need to do more than just read the books of your biggest idols and influencers. You need to pay attention to podcasts as well. Podcasts have become one of the biggest sources of information for today’s professionals. They are filled with insight, in-depth discussions and advice from some of today’s biggest influencers.

One of the great things about podcasts is that they come in all different forms, meaning there are podcasts or virtually any topic you could imagine. If you are looking for a little insight on some leadership tips or techniques then you may want to consider some of today’s top leadership podcasts. These podcasts feature first-hand discussions and advice from some of the world’s most respected leaders. Furthermore, they are constantly coming out with new episodes and information to continue to help leaders get the expertise they are looking for. If you are looking for some professional guidance to help boost your leadership efforts, here are some of the top podcasts you must listen to.

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast is designed to be a conversation for leaders that encourages them to move forward in their professional pursuits even faster. Andy Stanley is a well-known pastor and founder of the North Point Ministries out of Alpharetta, Georgia. He is also an acclaimed author and communications expert. While his monthly podcasts do have a Christian angle to them, they can be enjoyed by any type of leader who wants a fresh perspective on leading in today’s demanding market.

Andy Stanley not only runs six different churches in the greater Atlanta area, but he is also the host of NBC’s Your Move With Andy Stanley and the author of 20 different books including How to Be Rich and Ask it. However, for many of his dedicated followers, it is Andy’s podcasts that provide the best and most detailed information. These free podcasts cover a variety of topics ranging from pushing yourself and taking risks, confronting challenges and more. Plus, Andy is frequently answering his listener’s individual questions.

The Perry Noble Leadership Podcast

Perry Noble is the Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. NewSpring has their own podcast for those who want to learn more about being a successful leader. This is another podcast that has a Christian focus. The goal is to provide listeners with information on those who want to be challenged in their faith and grow as leaders, with a goal of being more like Jesus Christ while still being valuable leaders in our society. This leadership podcast has been going since 2010, together with Shane Duffey. The duo releases new podcasts every month, with each episode focusing on a different topic related to leading in today’s world. Perry takes a no-holds bar, straightforward approach to talking about leadership and current events and his non-apologetic communication style has helped him gain followers from all over the country and thousands of fans who tune into his monthly podcasts.


Coaching for Leaders has been hailed by iTunes as one of the music services top 10 career podcasts. The motto of Coaching for Leaders is a straightforward one, they believe: “Leaders aren’t born. They’re made.” This is just what the podcast attempts to do: to help people learn how to be better leaders. The program has more than 100,000 monthly downloads from leaders of all walks of life who are interested in becoming better and more dynamic professionals within their field. The podcasts covers different management, communication and executive development topics every week and features professional insight on a variety of topics. The weekly podcast has been going since 2011, and features detailed insight from Dave Stachowiak and his more than ten years of leadership at Dale Carnegie.

All three of these podcasts are great resources for leaders who want to learn more and gain insights on tactics and tips that can help them be better leaders, no matter what field they may be in.

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