The Best Entrepreneur Podcasts


Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular tools for today’s professionals to utilize as a way to gain valuable insight on their specific field. There is no end to the different types of podcasts available today, but for budding entrepreneurs some of the best podcasts are those on entrepreneurial topics. While there are dozens of different podcasts that cover entrepreneurship, these are three of the most popular and most successful podcasts for business owners and self-employed individuals today. Take a look at these podcasts or tune in to hear more about what they have to offer today’s busy entrepreneur.

The Pitch –

The Pitch podcast is one that has really separated itself from the pack when it comes to podcasts for entrepreneurs. According to Forbes, this podcast is like Shark Tank but without the “fake reality TV drama.” The goal of the podcast is to have startups pitch their company to three different investors on the panel. Then the investors give feedback and talk about whether or not they will invest and why. The podcast has a different group of investors and a different startup every two weeks and is a great resource for those who want to see what type of businesses are getting investor interest, and what types are not.

She Did It Her Way –

According to Forbes, the podcast She Did it Her Way is ideal “if you’re look for a women’s perspective on growing a company.” The podcast brings different successful female entrepreneurs in to discuss their successes and their accomplishments. One of the main reasons to tune in to this podcast is not only for the female perspective, but to gain insight from both host Kartina Markoff and a very diverse group of different entrepreneurs representing different types of startups. The guests aren’t just in the tech realm, they represent all different types of businesses.

Entrepreneur On Fire –

Entrepreneur on Fire comes from the creative mind of John Lee Dumas. This daily podcast doesn’t just generate $250,000 a month, as a successful business in and of itself, but it also boasts over 1 million unique listens per month as well. Every day, Dumas works on igniting a fire within other entrepreneurs in the business in his attempt to change the world and encourage others to find the strength they need to make their dreams come true. What is perhaps most interesting about the podcast isn’t just the group of guests that he brings to discuss entrepreneurial topics, it is about his message of hard work and perseverance that makes this podcast so unique. Dumas bases his success out of being disciplined and using his military background to practice this discipline which each and every venture he takes on, and the perspective that this gives him makes for very interesting listening.

These three podcasts provide a multi-faceted and engaging look in to today’s entrepreneurial landscape. Listening to these shows can give any established or budding entrepreneur more insight into what is going on in the market and tips on how they can improve their own business ventures. While you may already have some of your own favorite podcasts already, adding these shows to your list may just provide you with the extra boost you need to take your career to the next level.


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