How Top Entrepreneurs Dress for Success

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Whether you are setting up a press conference with the media, attending a meeting with your staff or meeting a new potential client for the first time; the way you dress is extremely important. While many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs and working professionals, put a great deal of emphasis on their networking, education and credentials; it is important to not forget the value of appearance.

Your image, presented by the way you dress, is a powerful tour and one that can say a lot about you and your personality; before you ever open your mouth. In today’s competitive market, first impressions are extremely important and can leave you with a lasting reputation among your peers and professional contacts. Dressing for success is a simple way to make a positive first impression and to let people know that you are a true professional. Presenting yourself in a professional manner sends a strong message to everyone you meet and interact with and shows people that you have confidence and a sense of security.

While the right outfit may not close every deal, a sloppy appearance can do far more damage than good. Here are a few easy tips for dressing for success that should be considered every time you have an important meeting on the books.

Keep Your Clothes in Top Condition

You may have a favorite piece or outfit that once looked very professional, but if you don’t take good care of your items, they can have the opposite effect. Make sure that you keep your clothes looking fresh and smelling good. Maintain good condition of your clothes with regular dry cleaning and shoe shining.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

If you miss some of the small details of your outfit, it can end up making you look careless and sloppy. Take a few extra minutes in the morning and inspect your clothes for wrinkles and missing buttons.


Don’t forget to groom yourself. Even with the best pressed suit on, if you are not taking care of the rest of your appearance, it can impact the rest of your look. Make sure your hair is well combed and groomed everyday and that you take care of basic hygiene. Pay attention to your nails. Most people pay attention to hands and if your nails aren’t clean and trimmed, it can be distracting to someone you meet for the first time.

The Right Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Make sure that your shoes are well-polished, scruff free and that they don’t look worn down or damaged. The rest of your accessories, such as your belts, ties, tie clips, and briefcase, all contribute to your overall appearance. Make sure these items are also in top condition.

Always Have a Jacket

If you are always on the fly and trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, make sure that you always have a jacket handy. Keep it in your office, or, if you travel a lot, in your vehicle, in a garment bag. This way, if you have an unexpected meeting or event to attend, you will always be ready to look sharp.

Paying close attention to the little details associated with your appearance can go a long way in terms of how people perceive you. Don’t skimp on the little details, and you can maintain a strong and confident appearance at every meeting your attend.

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Here’s an infographic we love from Orthotic Shop about the signature styles of top entrepreneurs.
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