5 Top Speaking Tips


If you have been given the task of making a public speech or announcement on behalf of your brand, then there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind in order to make sure that you handle this often nerve wracking experience in the best way possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind for when you are speaking in front of large groups like this.

1.  Develop a Strong Message

Take your time when writing out your speech. Many people unfortunately skip through the editing and tweaking process when they are writing their speech as they place so much focus on the act of actually having to make a public address. Don’t forget to take your time when writing to make sure that you develop a strong message that people will remember. Many people focus too much on including quotes or different devices they think will make the speech stronger, but you want the message to be the strongest part of your speech.

2. Get in the Right Mindset

Visualize yourself before your speech succeeding to help calm your nerves. Make sure you take several deep breaths before giving your speech and remember that people want to see you succeed, they don’t want to see you fail. If you get in the right mindset, you will find the rest comes much easier than you may imagine.

3.  Focus on the Point

Make sure that you focus on the point of your speech and the message that you are trying to get across. Don’t worry about focusing on the fact that you are giving the speech or any of the props or visual aids that you may have. If you get nervous or stutter during your speech, don’t apologize and draw attention to it.

4.  Do Your Research

When it comes to preparing for your speech it is not only important that you research the topic you are speaking about but that you research your audience as well. Know who you are speaking too. Also if you are able to greet some of the audience members and speak with them before hand, depending on the occasion, this is a great way to break the ice and feel more comfortable while speaking as you won’t feel as though you are speaking to a room of strangers. Make sure you also research the room. Arrive early so you feel comfortable in the room, and practice with the microphone or any equipment you will be using.

5.  Practice

It may seem like a simple and rather obvious tip, but unfortunately, adequate practice is something that many people today avoid when it comes to speaking in public. Practicing does not just mean reading the speech over and over again, but it means practicing out loud, standing up in a similar position to the position you will be in while giving your speech. Make sure that you practice in front of both the mirror and the audience and that you time yourself while giving the speech.

Remember these easy tips and you will find delivering a public address may be easier than you imagine.

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