How to Be Confident But Not Arrogant


Confidence is a really important feature for any person looking to find success in today’s market. Confidence is all about being self-assured and knowing what you want. It is also about having the strength to trust yourself and know that you can succeed. Without confidence, it can be virtually impossible to make it in today’s challenging market. However, it is very important that you understand the difference between confidence and arrogance.

This is a thin line and if you accidentally toe that line and begin being arrogant, not confident it can end up spelling disaster. Many people do not trust individuals who are arrogant, it can be off-putting. This is why it is so important to know the difference between confidence and arrogance and to know how to make sure that you are maintaining a strong level of confidence without becoming arrogant. Here are three of the most important tips on the subject to keep in mind.

Genuinely Believe In Yourself

If you genuinely believe in yourself and know that you are capable of being successful and reaching your goals, it can really go a long way. Genuinely believing in yourself is the first step towards gaining confidence. You need to be able to tell yourself that you can do things and really believe yourself while you are telling yourself this. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you can be successful and keep doing this until you really believe it. If you believe in yourself, you will start to become more confident, without crossing the line and accidentally becoming arrogant. Knowing that you are capable of doing something means having confidence, thinking that you are better at doing something than others can lead to arrogance.

Acknowledge Your Weak Areas

If you want to truly be confident and resilient, you need to be able to acknowledge your weaknesses. If you know what your weaknesses are, you can work to overcome those weak areas and be stronger. This will only help you build your confidence. If you just overlook your weak areas and do not acknowledge what they are and that you need help with them, they will only grow into big insecurities. Acknowledging your weaknesses with confidence and being able to tell others what your weak areas are is having confidence, ignoring these weaknesses and claiming you don’t have any is arrogance.

Understand Being Vulnerable Doesn’t Always Mean You Are Weak

Truly confident individuals know that being vulnerable doesn’t mean that you are weak. There is a major difference between the two. When you are vulnerable, you are confident enough to be open with others. Being vulnerable is being human, but it doesn’t mean that you are weak. If you can address this, you will start to be more confident. However, if you never open up to others and never claim to have any vulnerabilities it can make you seem closed off and make you seem arrogant to others.

Keep these tips in mind if you want to make sure that you are living your life with confidence, and that you aren’t accidentally crossing the line into arrogance.

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