Is Your Personality Scaring Potential Clients Away?


If you are running your own business, or in an industry where securing new clients is part of your job, it is important that you are doing whatever you can in order to find these clients and get their business. However, even if you are doing everything in the book in order to secure these new clients there may be something that is scaring your potential clients away: your personality.

There are many people in the sales world and many entrepreneurs who have trouble securing new clients, and they have no idea why. Unfortunately, many times, there are aspects of their personality that are actually scaring away potential clients and preventing them from getting the new business that they need. Here are some common personality quirks that many entrepreneurs have that may be costing them valuable business.

Are you bossy and arrogant?

When you are an entrepreneur, sometimes being in control and having confidence is a necessity. After all, you need to be able to lead others and you need to have a message that you believe in so that others believe in it to. However, there is a thin line between being a good, confident leader and being bossy and arrogant. If you are too demanding and bossy with potential clients then you can seem so pushy that a client will not want anything to do with you. Remember, the clients are giving you their business, they are not there to be bossed around by you.

If you are confident, then you can instill confidence in your potential client. They want you to believe in what it is that you are selling. However, if this confidence becomes arrogance and you start telling people why you are the best and start patting yourself on the back the whole time, then you can be very off-putting to most people.

Do you blame everyone for everything?

When you make a mistake are you able to own up to it? Or do you blame other people so you don’t look bad? If you tend to blame others for your mistakes and are unable to own up to the mistakes that you do make, then you seem as though you are not accountable for your own actions and that you are not willing to take responsibility for your company or your company’s future. This does not help clients trust you and can be an easy way to get them to be wary about giving you their business. If you are looking to develop a bond and a sense of trust between you and your client, blaming others for everything is not the way to get there.

Do you lose your temper easily?

Perhaps the number one way that entrepreneurs tend to scare off potential clients is by losing their temper. If you lose your temper easily and tend to get mad at the drop of a hat, this could be costing you, your clients. You may just think you are stressed or you may chalk it up to being passionate, but if you tend to get angry, ever around a client, this can be a problem. No matter how long getting angry has been part of your personality, if you lose your temper easily, you need to work on getting this under control so it doesn’t cost you valuable business.

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