What to Use Each Different Social Network For


In today’s online world, it is no secret that social media has become King. Some of today’s most popular social networks aren’t just being used to post pictures and funny videos, people are using them to build their business and create their own brand. There are both personal and professional reasons to use social media in our world today and while every social network has its own unique benefits, it is important to know what you should be using each different social network for and how you should be using social media to your advantage. Knowing which site to use for which purpose can help you leverage these powerful social media websites to your advantage and to get the most out of any social media campaign, no matter what your goals may be. Here are the three main ways you should use three of the most popular social networks available today.


Facebook- Your Personal Brand


If you are looking to build a personal brand, then you will want to use Facebook as a way to get that brand out there. The wildly popular social network is perfect for building personal brand recognition and for establishing yourself as a professional in your industry. Facebook is a great place for posts on what you are doing, pictures of you, re-sharing posts that showcase your expertise and using the network as a way to help others get to know you. You should be personal with your Facebook account. Post pictures of personal and professional endeavors, engage with people who follow you, reply to comments and comment on other people’s Facebook posts. You need to be engaging and personable, but know when to draw the line. Facebook is a great opportunity for you to craft your own personal brand, so share things that would benefit that brand and that you would want people to know about you to build the image you have been looking for.


Twitter- Your Professional Brand


If you want to start building a name for your company in the social media world, then Twitter is the place to turn. You can give the public constant updates of things your company is doing, events you will be attending, you can retweet posts that are relevant to your company and your business, and you can start building a strong image for your professional brand. Twitter is a better space to focus on professional development rather than Facebook. While both are valuable social media sites, start by building a personal Facebook and a professional Twitter brand and then eventually add more social media sites to each. If you focus solely on Twitter for your professional reputation, you will find it is much easier to create the business identity you have been looking for. Try to maintain a different tone with your Twitter than you do with your Facebook. Remember, the key is to build your professional brand, so it should be slightly different in tone and style than your Facebook.


Instagram-Mix of Personal and Professional Moments


Instagram is a great supplemental social networking tool that can build both your personal and professional brand. Tie an Instagram account filled with professional-looking pictures to both your Twitter and your Facebook. You should be posting pictures on your Instagram several times a day and share them on both social networking sites, depending on whether the image promotes your personal or professional brand. Once you have created your Facebook and Twitter and started developing a strong following on both of these social media sites, then you can start creating an Instagram that supplements both of these sites. Make sure that you are taking high-quality photos and tagging each of them with relevant hashtags that has to do with your industry or brand. You should try to diversify your photos as well. If you are an author, don’t just take photos of you holding your book in different locations, make sure that you are keeping your photos interesting, diverse and engaging, it will only help you create a stronger following.


Keep these three social networks in mind and these three important uses at heart whenever you are looking to looking to launch your own online campaign. When these three types of social media sites come together you can create a multi-faceted social media campaignThe right campaign, on the right site, can go a long way in helping you find the type of success you have always wanted.

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